Trish Stratus and Lita vs. Alicia Fox and Mickie James

We go to the ring and Lilian Garcia returns to introduce the opener. WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus makes her way out first. WWE Hall of Famer Lita is out next. The injured Alexa Bliss is out next, originally scheduled for this match. Bliss takes the mic and welcomes us to Evolution. She promises this will be an amazing night. She jokes that it’s past bedtime for Trish and Lita but they need to turn their hearing aids up and focus as Bliss introduces the true pioneers of the women’s division – Alicia Fox and Mickie James.

The bell rings and Mickie starts off with Lita. Fans chant for Lita as she takes Mickie to the corner. Mickie goes for a cheap shot and Lita drops her. Lita keeps control with a Litacanrana and a clothesline. Lita with more offense until Mickie knees her and tags in Fox. Fans chanted “you still got it” at Lita. Lita fights off Fox and Mickie as she comes back in. Lita tags in Trish for a pop. Lita leaps off Trish’s back and hits the double clothesline in the corner. Trish waits for Fox to get up now as fans chant her name.

Trish hip tosses Fox and they lock up again. Fox goes behind but Trish counters and takes her down. Trish keeps control as the “you still got it” chants start up. Mickie tags in as fans pop for her and Trish going at it. Mickie gets in Trish’s face and they have words. Trish rocks Mickie and they go at it, trading holds in the middle of the ring. Trish gets the upperhand. Trish with a Thesz Press and right hands to unload. Mickie catches Trish with a big kick to the face. Mickie counters as they tangle up high in the corner now, trading shots on the top rope. Trish hits the hurricanrana for a close 2 count.

Lita tags back in but Fox and Mickie regroup on the outside. Bliss talks strategy with them but they look to be walking out on the match. Trish and Lita stop Fix and Mickie as the brawl continues on the outside. Lita brings Mickie back in the ring. Fox charges with a boot but accidentally drops Mickie. Lita drops Fox. Lita goes to the top of the Litasault on Mickie but Bliss gets involved and Lita lands hard. The referee did not see the interference. Mickie works Lita over now. Mickie keeps Lita down by her leg now. Fox tags in as they keep Lita near their corner. Mickie keeps Lita grounded now. Lita fights free but Mickie knees her in the face. Mickie with a cheap shot to Trish. Trish runs in but the referee stops her. Lita ends up dropped again by a Mickie neckbreaker. Mickie covers for a 2 count.

Fox tags in for the double team on Lita. Fox with a Northern Lights suplex for a 2 count. Fox shows frustration now as she keeps Lita grounded. Bliss looks on. Lita fights free and nails the inverted DDT. Trish and Mickie tag in at the same time. Trish unloads with strikes and headlock takedowns. Trish plants Mickie for a 2 count. Trish with several big chops now. Mickie kicks Trish and rolls her up for a close 2 count. Mickie kicks Trish and goes for the DDT but it’s blocked. Trish hits Stratusfaction for the pin on Mickie but Fox breaks it up. Lita takes Fox out with the Twist of Fate. Lita goes to the top and hits her moonsault on Fox and Mickie at the same time. Mickie gets up but Trish drops her with the Chick Kick to get the pin.

Winners: Trish Stratus and Lita

After the match, the Hall of Famers celebrate as we go to replays. Lita and Trish pose in the corners as Bliss leaves with Mickie and Fox.

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