Show opens with Mauro Ranallo recapping the early events from the tournament, and running down the evening’s matchups.

MYC intro song.

Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix, and Renee Young welcome us to part two of round two. They introduce the first bout…Io Shirai against Zeuxis.

In the promo package, Io and Zeuxis both comment on what winning this tournament could do for their careers. Zeuxis plans to use her power game, while Io will utilize her speed.

Jessamyne Duke, Marina Shafir, and Shayna Baszler are all at ringside. (Three of the four MMA horsewomen.)

Both women shake hands before they start.

Io Shirai versus Zeuxis MYC Round Two

Tie-up to start. Io lands the first strike of the bout with a running single-leg dropkick. She attempts a springboard maneuver but Zeuxis catches her with a huge forearm that knocks Io to the apron. Zeuxis follows up with a massive running basement dropkick that sends Io to the arena floor hard. Back in the ring, she targets Io’s shoulder with multiple submissions.

In the corner Zeuxis nails Io with a roundhouse kick. Running knees from Zeuxis. Io comes back and lands her own handstand double-knees to Zeuxis in the corner. Zeuxis rolls to the outside. Suicide dive from Io! She throws Zeuxis back in the ring for a pinfall attempt but only nets a two count. Zeuxis counters a headlock with a pumphandle driver. Zeuxis misses a top rope moonsault. Another running dropkick from Io. She goes for her moonsault but Zeuxis pulls her leg out. Zeuxis tries to hits Io with a top rope spanish fly but Io blocks and lands a frankensteiner. Meteora to from Io. Asai moonsault and that’s it.

Io Shirai wins by pinfall and advances to the quarterfinals

As Io celebrates, we see an updated bracket. Promo package for our next matchup between Deonna Purrazzo and Xia Li.

Deonna calls Xia a notch on her belt, because no matter what their style is, everyone taps out the same way. Xia says she’s not worried about Deonna, and plans on using her Kung-Fu background to advance to the round of eight.


Deonna Purrazzo versus Xia Li MYC Round Two

Xia and Deonna trade hammerlocks but Deonna gains early advantage with a headlock takedown. Roll up by Deonna and she tries to lock on the armbar, but Xia escapes and lands a series of strikes. Elbow drop and leg drop in succession from Xia. Jumping side kick from Xia from the second rope. Deonna catches Xia with a hip toss and a quick dropkick. She weakens the arm to set up her finishing submission.

Running knee from Deonna, followed by a Russian leg sweep. She locks in the armbar but Xia rolls her up! Only a two count! Deonna stays attached to Xia’s arm torquing it backwards. Xia escapes with a push-off dropkick and now both women are down.

The ladies trade chops. Xia nearly wins the match with a big kick to the head. Xia screams that it’s her time. She gets caught by Deonna who locks in the armbar! Xia submits!

Deonna Purrazzo wins by submission and advances to the quarterfinals.

Bracket update. Our next matchup…Tegan Nox and Nicole Matthews.

In the video package Nicole says she’s not afraid to take a shortcut to advance. Tegan claims her offense is too much for anyone in the tournament to handle. Both women put each other over.


Nicole Matthews versus Tegan Nox MYC Round Two

Nicole gestures to Tegan’s knee brace distracting her long enough to land a clubbing blow. Tegan responds and throws Nicole to the outside. Suicide dive attempt by Tegan but Nicole lands a big right hand! She lights up Tegan’s chest with knife-edge chops. Big dropkick from Nicole and our first pinfall attempt. Only two. Crowd solidly behind Tegan.

Tegan surprises Nicole with a snapmare but Nicole immediately fires back targeting Tegan’s upper-body. Short-arm clothesline and Northern Lights suplex in succession from Nicole. Tegan begins landing some strikes but gets caught for a boston crab. Tegan rolls her up! Two count. Tegan throws Nicole in the corner. Cannonball by Tegan! Shining wizard and Tegan advances.

Tegan Nox wins by pinfall and advances to the quarterfinals.

Commentary team says that Tegan Nox will have a lot to handle when she faces Rhea Ripley in the round of eight. Bracket update. Final promo package for Mia Yim and former Diva’s champion Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn says she knows who she is, and that in her time off, she’s become a much more agile athlete. Mia responds by saying that Kaitlyn has never been in the ring with someone of her skill-set, and that she hopes in her time off she’s learned how to take some hits.

Mia Yim is out first, her hand still all taped up from the damage it took in round one. Cole wonders if that will play a part in the match.


Mia Yim versus Kaitlyn MYC Round Two

Tie-up. Mia pushes Kaitlyn up to the ropes and hits a chop. Kaitlyn responds with a dropkick to the knee and a sliding lariat. Three elbow drops from Kaitlyn and a cannoball to Mia in the corner. Early pinfall but she only gets a two. Kailtyn with a body scissor onto Mia. Mia keeps trying to roll her up but Kaitlyn shifts her weight everytime. Mia slides to the outside. Kailtyn goes for a baseball slide but Mia catches her and smashes her leg over the apron.

Targeting the leg, Mia locks in a reverse figure four. Mia breaks the hold and unloads on Kaitlyn with a series of right hands. Kaitlyn baits Mia into punching her again but moves and Mia punches the ground with her bad hand! Kailtyn takes advantage and goes right after the hand with a vicious submission. Somehow Mia breaks the hold. Kailyn goes for a powerslam but Mia uses her weight to cover her! Only a two. Flying tackle and both women are down.

Kaitlyn dodges a clothesline and hits a reverse elbow. Kaitlyn Lands a couple of powerslams. Modified Urinagi from Kaitlyn and she nearly wins it! Mia surprises Kaitlyn with her eat-the-feet finisher but Kaitlyn kicks out! Mia goes for a german but her hand gives out. SPEAR FROM KAITLYN. MIA KICKS OUT! Crowd goes wild. Mia catches Kailtyn in a kneebar in the center of the ring. She tries to grab the ropes but she’s too far. Kaitlyn taps!

Mia Yim wins by submission to advance to the quarterfinals.

The crowd gives a huge show of respect to Kaitlyn. Her and Mia embrace. Recap of round two as Michael Cole solidifies the quarterfinals round.