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Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong (c) vs. War Raiders (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Strong and Rowe kick things off, both end up in the ropes, Strong with a knee to the midsection, tags in O’Reilly. Rowe with a double clothesline, and tags in Hanson. Strong back in the ring, they look for a double clothesline of their own, nope, Hanson then hits them with one! Both O’Reilly and Strong bail out to the floor for a breather. O’Reilly gets in the ring, but he’s not the legal man, Rowe with a suplex, allowing Strong to attack from behind, shoulder tackle drops Strong through.

O’Reilly with a blind tag, tries for a standing switch, but Rowe is just too big, lifts and plants O’Reilly in to the mat. Hanson tags in, Rowe bodyslams him down on O’Reilly. Both then throw Strong into O’Reilly. Out on the floor, Rowe with some forearms to both opponents, tosses O’Reilly into the ring, Strong lands a chop block to the back of knee. O’Reilly kicks away at the grounded Rowe, back and forth tags as they continue to beat up on Rowe. Rowe tries to fight back, Strong with a low dropkick to the mug, cover, two.

Match really slowing down as Undisputed Era continue to chip away at Rowe. They continue to work over the leg, but Rowe gets a modified STO, Hanson tagged in. Big back body drop on Strong, splashes down on him. Sits down on O’Reilly, cartwheels away from Strong, big lariat, bronco buster, pin, two. Rowe with double knee to O’Reilly, sit-out powerbomb, cover, O’Reilly breaks that up. Rowe sends O’Reilly crashing out of the ring, Hanson gets Strong up on Rowe’s shoulders, Hanson with a springboard clothesline! Adam Cole comes into the ring, goes for a punch, but Hanson blocked it and punches Cole out of the ring.

Strong with a knee to Hanson, O’Reilly hammers away on Rowe, Olympic slam by Strong and Rowe still kicks out. O’Reilly is tagged in, everyone is swinging on everyone. Heel hook on Rowe, Hanson lifts and drops Strong on O’Reilly to break it up. O’Reilly with a big boot and multiple open palm strikes to Hanson, but Rowe pops him up and Hanson finishes with a power slam. Hanson then hits a suicide dive out to O’Reilly and Cole. Hanson up to the top rope, leg drop, cover, and Bobby Fish shows up with a chair and starts hammering away on both Rowe and Hanson. Referee throws this one out.

Winners: War Raiders via DQ (Undisputed Era retain titles)

– Post-match, Undisputed Era beats up on War Raiders a bit more and taunt. Crowd was cheering, but they piped in more “boos” for the stable.

– Up later: Shayna Baszler in action.

– Creepy hallway, Nikki Cross writes “EST” over and over on some pieces of paper, then switches to “I know” a couple times.

Britt Baker vs. Shayna Baszler

Fireman’s carry and Baszler goes right after Baker’s arm. Baszler cranks her wrist and then goes into a modified bow and arrow. Baszler plants her hand down into the mat and stomps it. Referee checking on Baker, decides to call the ball, and calls for help. Baker selling a whole lot of pain.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via Ref Stoppage

– Post-match, Baszler with a final kick to drop Baker. Baszler smiles and heads off.

– Regal’s Office, he’s asked about Nikki Cross’ claim that she knows who attacked Aleister Black. Regal says he needs to find out soon if she does or not because Black is coming back soon. He continues that he’ll talk to Nikki after her match later tonight.

Tian Bing and Rocky vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Lorcan gets started with Bing, Bing with a roundhouse kick that misses. Burch backs him into the ropes, he backs up, but Bing lands a Mongolian chop, nails a shoulder tackle, and works the arm. Rocky is tagged in, Lorcan tries to fight back, Rocky with a full nelson. He breaks out of it and is able to tag in Burch who lands a nice missile dropkick, kip up, and drops a charging Bing. Lorcan is tagged in, high elevation implant DDT, cover, and this one is already over.

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch via Pinfall

– Next week: William Regal will make a major announcement about the NXT Championship for NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

Cross charges at Belair, taking her down, the two chaotically roll all the way to the floor and start right where they finished in their first encounter. Cross ends up throws Belair hard into the stairs before tossing her back into the ring, cover, barely a two. Cross with a monkey flip, dropkick, forearm, catches a Belair kick and just dumps her backwards. Cross tries for a crossbody and gets caught by Belair, fallaway slam, cover, two. More kicks by Belair, cover, one-count. Crowd fairly split with an “EST” / “Nikki Cross!” chant.

Cross ducks a clothesline, hits a hurricanrana, but Belair with a hefty dropkick that sends Cross to the corner. Belair with a double ax handle to the back, standing moonsault, pin, two-count. Cross lands some forearms, Belair fights back, lifts Cross up, but Cross with the reversal. Belair drops Cross, heads up top, Nikki gets her into the tree of woe and then stomps away at her opponent.

Cross with a splash in the corner, running bulldog, Cross heads up to the top, crossbody land, cover, two. Cross keeps charging, gets shoved back, Belair lands a massive forearm and both are down for a moment. Spear by belair, cover, two, she tries a couple more times, but it’s two each time. Belair with a deadlift sit-out powerbomb, two. Belair can’t believe it! She wraps up her hair and tells Cross to stay down. Cross just smiles and looks at her, Belair with a slap to the face. Cross sat up on the top turnbuckle, Belair with a military press, she does a few squats with Cross in the air, but Cross with a sleeper, scorpion death drop by Cross, cover, 1-2-no!

Cross heads to the top of the rope and Belair smacks Cross right in the midsection with her hair, pow! Crowd loved that spot. Belair stumbles up to the top rope, Cross explodes up to stop Belair and hit a second rope superplex. Both are down and the lights suddenly go out. A familiar guitar rift hits and it’s Aleister Black sitting in the ring! No more referee or Belair.

Match ends in no contest.

Cross sees who it is and the crowd first gives a “Holy s—!” chant and then goes to “Nikki’s got a secret!” as she rolls back and forth, smiling. Black then motions with his hand for her to come over to him and she slowly crawls over. “Tell me” he growls at her. She gets up and whispers something in his ear, he puts his head down, and then gets all kinds of mad. She smiles and slides out of the ring while the crowd yells “Who?!”