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– NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa heads out to the ring and gets on the mic, crowd instantly boos him. He begins talking about Velveteen Dream, says he has the champ’s attention, but Dream is going about it the wrong way by sticking his nose in something that is none of his business. Out comes Dream, who says this is all very amusing to him, especially the “greatest sports entertainer of all-time” bit. Dream believes the title deserves an experience a not an “angry little bald man who is hiding behind his insecurities.”

Ciampa says he gets it, the Dream wants what the champ has, the Dream wants the main event, the spotlight, the NXT title. Ciampa thinks Dream just wants attention when he says Ciampa is the one who attacked Aleister Black. The title then “speaks” to Ciampa and says maybe Dream just isn’t…tough enough! Big pop from the crowd. Dream says that he is indeed, tough enough, and is more man than Ciampa can handle. He offers up a challenge for a title match, but Nikki Cross’ music suddenly hits and she gets in the ring, acting weird as always. Crowd with a “triple threat!” chant.

Cross gets close to both wrestlers and smiles at them, she plays with Dream’s coat a bit. Crowd starts up a “Nikki knows a secret!” chant. Cross says to Dream, “I know what you’ve done.” Cross then listens to Ciampa’s title for a minute, Ciampa goes to walk away and she smacks the mic out of his hand. Cross drops down to the mat, next to the microphone, and says she knows what Ciampa has done too. Dream bounces out of the ring. Ciampa goes to pick up the mic and she kicks away the mic, he’s not pleased. Cross says “I know” as she heads to the back.

Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves

Reeves does a bunch of trash talking as Lee chuckles away. Both end up in the corner, Reeves with a cheap pop to the face. Lee smiles, throws Reeves in the corner, double chop to the chest. Lee leaps over Reeves, it’s a dropkick, overhead release suplex sending Reeves to the floor.

Lee goes to get Reeves, Reeves tosses the apron up in Lee’s face, slightly stunning him, Reeves lands a bunch of punches and then a second rope back elbow. Reeves continues to keep Lee grounded, but Lee starts to get annoyed by the attacks. Lee lands a pounce, gets Reeves up on his shoulders, hits a super nova, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Keith Lee via Pinfall

– Vignette for Shayna Bazler who talks about his last year going from losing the Mae Young Classic finals, winning the title, then losing the title at Brooklyn to Sane. Baszler says she thought she had the match too early and it was her mistake for losing the match.

– Earlier today, NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane says she’s super excited to take on Baszler at WWE Evolution. Sane says Baszler knows that Sane will beat her yet again and heads off.

– Backstage, William Regal is asked about an update with Aleister Black. He says he’s not going to reveal his list of suspects and that he still needs to get an answer out of Nikki Cross. Kassius Ohno is standing off-screen and wanted to know about Regal’s “shiny new toy” (Matt Riddle) and when he’s getting here. Ohno says maybe he’s the one that attacked Black, Regal goes into his office. Nikki Cross walks up to Ohno and says “I know what you did,” laughs, and walks off. Ohno looks a little nervous.

– Next week: Undisputed Era defend the NXT Tag Titles against War Raiders. Also, Nikki Cross takes on Bianca Belair.

– Vignette for the War Raiders and Undisputed Era, we see clips of what has happened between both teams over the last few weeks.

Ricochet (c) vs. Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole (NXT North American Championship)

All three wrestlers are getting cheers from the crowd. Ricochet and Dunne go at each other, but then realize Cole is the one that messed up their first title match and they swing away on him. Dunne ends up getting sent to the floor, Cole sends Ricochet into the corner, Ricochet using his speed to send Cole to the mat, dropkick, and pulls off a handspring off the ropes to force Dunne to stay on the floor. Cole from behind, sending Ricochet out of the ring. Dunne gets in there and lands a big shot to Cole, Ricochet gets back in the ring and they have a bit of a staredown, Dunne works Ricochet’s wrist, but Ricochet works his way out of it, back and forth reversals until they get to a stalemate, crowd cheers, Cole runs in and gets dropped. Dunne stretches out Cole, Ricochet hits a low dropkick to get rid of Cole.

Ricochet goes for a handshake and Dunne clobbers him with a forearm. Dunne works over Ricochet’s fingers, one at a time, hammer lock, stomps on the arm, and finishes with a kick to the back of the head. Ricochet continues to grapple with Dunne, Cole finally gets back in the match and kicks away at both guys. “Adam Cole, bay-bay!” Cole goes for a couple pins, but only get a two-count on Dunne. Dunne goes for a kick, caught, slap to Cole’s face, enziguri. Ricochet springboard flying head scissors by Ricochet on Dunne. Ricochet with a moonsault to the floor, springboard european uppercut, cover, two. Wow!

Ricochet with Cole on his shoulders, Dunne back in there with a slap to the face, then sends Cole flying across the ring with a forearm. Dunne fights off both guys and locks in a single leg crap on both of his opponents. Cole with a backstabber on Ricochet, cover, two. All three start swinging away on each other. Cole sends Dunne out of the ring, and then lands a running knee on Ricochet, cover, two. Everyone is trading strikes on each other finishing with Ricochet landing a running shooting star press on Dunne.

Ricochet goes for a springboard moonsault and gets a double superkick for his trouble! Both Dunne and Cole try to get pinfall attempt, but Ricochet slowly rolls out of the way. Dunne and Cole swing away on each other. Dunne stomps Cole’s hands, kick to the head, Cole rolls to the apron. Dunne follows him out, DDT on the apron. Dunne recovers, ends up stomping on Cole’s fingers on the steps. Ricochet tries for a moonsault to the floor, nope, superkick by Cole. Dunne gets Ricochet in the ring, x-plex, cover, and Cole just barely breaks it up.

Cole and Dunne end up on the top rope. Ricochet goes up too and hits a double hurricanrana! Cole rolls to the floor, Ricochet with a reverse-rana that doesn’t hit so well, flatliner, cover, two. Ricochet heads up top, Cole crotches him. Dunne hits bitter end on Cole, Ricochet tries for a shooting star press but goes right into a triangle submission. Ricochet ends up lifting Dunne, but Dunne snaps his fingers to stop that. Dunne snaps them again, Cole with a superkick to Dunne, last shot to Ricochet! Cole drops Dunne’s neck over his knee, cover, 1-2-no! Crowd thought that may have been it, “this is awesome” chant rings out. Dunne back up, hits a lariat, bitter end, cover. Ricochet with a springboard 450 splash on Dunne, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Ricochet via Pinfall