On this week’s edition of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast, which airs live every Monday after RAW, former WWE / TNA star Matt Morgan and Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri reviewed last night’s RAW and discussed Roman Reigns as champion, the current tag team division and how we can’t take heels too seriously in 2018. You can check out that part of the discussion below.

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Roman Reigns as champion:

Giri: “Honestly, with the Shield reunion and doing these six-man feuds, even though they have Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman doing one on ones here and there like they did at Hell in a Cell, it just comes across as secondary. Again, the Universal title just seems like a prop. It doesn’t seem like a major part of the show.”

Morgan: “Yeah, so let me get this straight: we have been told now for the better part of the year to get behind this Roman Reigns experiment, and how he is going to get there. He keeps getting his a– handed to him by Brock Lesnar; we get annoyed by that, like, God when is this going to happen already [Roman becoming Universal champion], meanwhile, Brock Lesnar will beat AJ Styles, he will beat Samoa Joe, who we wanted to see working on top on Raw, or Kevin Owens, all of our guys that we see as main eventers, right? We are being told, don’t worry. We are going somewhere with this; he is going to take the title from Brock Lesnar. Finally, he takes the title away from Brock Lesnar and now it is not worth jack squat. They don’t talk about it. It is not important anymore. It is no big deal, so you know what? Brock Lesnar being champion and not showing up on every Monday Night Raw wasn’t that bad after all because I don’t see the difference.”

Giri: “Pretty much. It is almost like they need to go back to the Open Challenge, but for this title just to give it some steam back.”

Morgan: “Seriously, how are we not talking about this? This should have been a monumental achievement.”

Giri: “Yeah. Sadly it is just a prop right now.”

Current Tag-Team division:

Giri: “No disrespect to The Revival because I am a big fan, but I don’t know. It was The B-Team vs. The Revival, what else can you say?”

Morgan: “I was listening to a radio show the other day and they were talking about if the Young Bucks came to WWE, would they lose money? I am thinking to myself what we said about The Authors of Pain coming in; similar thing is that there is nobody for them to work. It’s like, yeah, there would be all of these fresh matchups, but against nobody. It doesn’t matter if they were fresh matchups, WWE has made all of these tag teams that way.”

Giri: “Yeah, AOP vs The Ascension would be a fresh matchup, but nobody wants to see that.”

Morgan: “Let me ask you something: If The B-Team changed their name and when they win a match could you buy into them or is it too late?”

Giri: “I think it is too late. They are pegged as ‘comedy guys.’ It is one thing to use comedy like The Rock or Steve Austin did, or Edge & Christian, but it is another thing to be a comedy figure. Once you become a comedy figure it is hard to come back from that.”

Morgan: “And, all of those guys mentioned got themselves over way before they started doing that [comedy].

Giri: “Absolutely. They weren’t funny guys that got over that way.”

Morgan: “Right. They were able to add that as a layer.”

Not taking heels too seriously anymore:

Morgan: “I was watching the Susan B. Comen segment with my wife. It is one of those things where you are watching with an outsider you are kind of proud to be a fan.”

Giri: “Yeah, it makes the company look good, but what I don’t like is when you have Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon] being…within your own show too, where they are babyfaces in these segments and then the next they are total pricks and heels.

“I mean, they haven’t established a right or wrong side in this. Stephanie McMahon is definitely a heel, but when they do these charity segments. It is like when you are watching Game of Thrones where you have the little a**hole little king in the first season, and then they break away and within the show, the king is doing this charity bit. Keep it consistent. You can do a video package or a commercial, but I find it very hard to take pro wrestling seriously when you are not staying consistent in your storylines within your own show. You would never see Vince McMahon during the Attitude Era.”

Morgan: “Can you imagine? The hottest angle in pro wrestling history where you have Vince McMahon cutting promos on ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and then the next segment he is promoting Toys for Tots during Christmas. Oh my God. Can you imagine?”

Giri: “Going at it one segment and then the next segment they are on the stage smiling standing next to each other.”

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