WWE Stars Talk Crown Jewel At Airport (Video), WWE Title In Red Sox Parade, WWE Stars On Prank Show

- Above is video of TMZ Sports catching up with The Miz, Big Show and SmackDown Tag Team Champion Sheamus at the airport as they were flying out to Saudi Arabia for Friday's WWE Crown Jewel event.

"I'm excited to put on a great show for the people of Saudi Arabia," Sheamus said when asked about Daniel Bryan and John Cena pulling out of Crown Jewel. "That's what we do, we entertain people all over the world. ... We're entertainers, that's what we do. WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment. I know it's cliche but we put smiles on people's faces all over the world, and that's exactly what we're going to do here, then we're going to go from there to the UK and do the same thing in the UK.


Show wasn't asked about Crown Jewel but The Miz was asked if he would like his wife Maryse to be able to wrestle in Saudi Arabia. Miz dodged the question and said he would like for his wife to be with him all day, every day. Miz went on about how he loves his job and he loves entertaining people all over the world, and how it's always fun being a WWE Superstar and getting to travel the world.

- WWE announced the following on Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins appearing on Facebook Watch's "You Kiddin' Me?" prank show this coming Saturday:

The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan to appear on "You Kiddin' Me?!"

Prepare for double the laughs when The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan appear on this week's episode of the Facebook Watch prank series, "You Kiddin' Me?!"

Executive produced by Kim Kardashian West, the comedy series, which drops every Saturday, captures celebrities being pranked by their families. This week's episode features a hilarious appearance by The Bellas and Bryan.


- As noted, Triple H sent a custom WWE Title to the Boston Red Sox for their MLB World Series win earlier this week. As seen below, the Sox confirmed on Twitter that the title was featured in today's victory parade: