As noted, PWInsider reported that WWE taped Sunday’s Supershow in Boston but with a smaller, modified production crew than usual, possibly as a test run for producing live events for a new $15 tier on the WWE Network. Next month’s Starrcade event will also reportedly be filmed in a similar manner.

WWE issued a new survey gauging fan interest on possible features for an upgraded tier on the Network. They wrote: “WWE is considering a new premium tier for WWE Network, offering more content, features and perks. This tier would be available for $15 per month.”

The survey stated that the new tier would include exclusive streaming content, such as live monthly Saturday Night Main Event shows, special live events, as well as current and archived ICW and Progress Wrestling events. Non-streaming features with the new tier would include free shipping on merchandise purchased on WWE Shop, a WWE rewards program where you receive points for money spent on the premium subscription or on WWE Shop, early access to live event tickets, automatic entries into WWE-themed sweepstakes and the ability to stream and download WWE content on up to 4 devices concurrently (instead of 2).

Elsewhere in the survey were questions about viewing habits, other promotions like NJPW and ROH airing on the Network, what other benefits fans would be interested in and more.

It should be noted that WWE has issued similar surveys in the past, and there have yet to be any new tiers added. However with WWE testing out modified production crews at live events, it looks like a new tier could be on its way.

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