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Show opens with the traditional Drake Maverick intro. Maverick gives credit to Mustafa Ali for earning his first shot at the cruiserweight championship since he fought Cedric Alexander at WrestleMania. Maverick then runs down the evening’s card. Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Lince Dorado) will be taking on the team of Mike Kanellis and TJP, and in the show’s main event, (and since 205 is in the UK), we’ll see Mark Andrew’s in action against the cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy.

205 Live Intro

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to 205 Live in Manchester! TJP’s music hits and we’re all ready for our first bout of the evening. TJP is holding Gran Metalik’s mask, which he snatched last week after Metalik defeated some local-enhancement talent. Kanellis comes out next along with wife Maria, followed by the Lucha House Party. (Metalik is not with them.)

Mike Kanellis & TJP versus Lucha House Party

TJP and Kalisto start out. Tie-up. TJP immediately tries to grab Kalisto’s mask. Kalisto responds with a takedown and spanks TJP’s bottom. Arm-drag and a dropkick from Kalisto. Dorado tags in…double-team by Lucha House Party and they have the early advantage. Kanellis tags in but also gets double-teamed, and tossed to the outside. Kalisto and Dorado fake suicide dives leaving the heels on the outside.

Back in the ring Kanellis works Dorado over with some kicks to the gut, but Dorado fires back with a headscissor takedown. Deep arm drag from Dorado and he holds on. Kanellis distracts the ref and TJP clotheslines Dorado from the apron. Now in control, TJP and Kanellis double-team Dorado. Kanellis with a hard Irish-whip and ensuing lariat to the corner. Running big boot from Kanellis with a cover. Dorado kicks out. TJP back in…he wears Dorado down with a snapmare headlock combination.

Dorado mounts a comeback by dodging an attack from TJP and knocking Kanellis off the apron. He finally tags in Kalisto who explodes onto TJP with a series of springboard maneuvers to TJP. Kanellis tags in and pulls Kalisto to the outside. Russian leg-sweep into the barricade and Kalisto is down. Kanellis throws him back in for a pinfall attempt but Kalisto escapes with ease. Back body drop attempt reversed into a DDT by Kalisto.

Dorado gets tagged back in. Series of clotheslines, enziguris, and superkicks from Dorado to Kanellis and TJP. Dorado climbs and nails TJP with a moonsault. Then another. A third! Kanellis comes in but Dorado dodges and hits a springboard stunner on both men sending them to the outside. Kalisto and Dorado climb…double moonsault to the outside! Back in the ring TJP locks in the kneebar on Dorado in the center of the ring! Kanellis tries to hold Kalisto on the outside but he makes the save! TJP grabs Dorado’s mask off
1 Dorado has another mask on underneath!!! Surprise frankensteiner with a pin from Dorado! Got em!

Lucha House Party wins by pinfall.

Kalisto and Dorado celebrate in the ring while TJP and Kanellis argue on the outside.

Vic Joseph shoots us over to a video of the Performance Center where Cedric Alexander is training. Lio Rush shows up and calls Cedric out for training with the rookies again because he’s been on a losing streak. Cedric stays there is nothing wrong with continuing to learn the craft, and berates Rush for never being a champion. Lio responds by saying that if they want to get in the ring together…he’d be more than happy to show Cedric he’s championship material. The match is confirmed for next week!

Ad break for WrestleMania. (My God… it’s already coming up again.)

Lio Rush is out for action next. His opponent…who is unknown…is already in the ring. (Name card says Josh Morrell)

Lio Rush versus Josh Morrell

Morrell shows off some nice athleticism with a takedown and a cartwheel. Enziguri by Morrell. He climbs to the top but Rush knocks him off with an enziguri of his own. Morrell hits the apron hard. On the outside Rush tosses Morrell into the barricade. (OUCH.) Back in the ring Rush dominates Morrell, slamming his head off the apron and hitting a cannonball in the corner. He climbs to the top and hits the Final Hour frog splash for the win.

Lio Rush wins by pinfall.

Commentary reminds us that Rush is still undefeated in singles-action. Lio grabs a microphone and dedicates his victory to a man who inspires him…Cedric Alexander. He says Cedric is a hard-worker, and respects him, but no one works harder than he does. He claims that the age of Alexander is over. “Tick Tock Cedric. Tick tock.”

Video package for Mark Andrews. Andrews is showcased as a true underdog. He says in the video that he doesn’t just want to represent the UK, but Wales as well.

Ad break for Survivor Series. Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch is the marquee match they are selling. (I’m totally fine with that.)

Mustafa Ali cuts a promo in the parking lot. He says he used to be called a “maybe” but now he’s referred to as the heart of 205 Live, and that since WrestleMania…he’s been clawing and scratching for another title opportunity. He ends by saying that he and Buddy Murphy are on a collision course for Survivor Series. (Match is made official.)

It’s announced that Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick will team up to take on Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher next week!

The champ…Buddy Murphy comes down to the ring and it’s main event time. Mark Andrews is out second. (This should be fun.)

Buddy Murphy versus Mark Andrews

Murphy backs Andrews into the corner and locks him in a test of strength, taking him down quickly. Andrews rolls through the hold to gain leverage. Nice sequence where both guys trade takedowns and snapmares. Murphy tosses Andrews into the corner but Andrews lands the first strike of the match with a big chop. Frankensteiner attempt from Andrews but Murphy holds on for a powerbomb attempt…countered into a rollup from Andrews! Kick out. Enziguri from Andrews sends Murphy to the outside. Tope Con Hilo into a frankensteiner!

Back in the ring Murphy catches Andrews and lawn darts him into the turnbuckle. The champ hip-tosses Andrews from one side of the ring to the other, and targets the back by landing a stiff elbow. Another huge hip-toss and Murphy is in full control. He wears Andrews down with more elbows to the sternum.

Andrews escapes a submission with a jawbreaker. Murphy picks him up for the reverse Alabama slam but Andrews shifts his weight and turns it into a poison frankensteiner sending Murphy to the ringside again! Suicide Dive from Andrews pushing Murphy over the announce table! Andrews dives over the table and is in hot pursuit! Murphy heads towards the entrance path but Andrews uses the steps to take Murphy down with a plancha!

Back in the ring Murphy goes for his finisher (Murphy’s Law) but Andrews rolls him up! Two count! Standing moonsault! Andrews uses the ropes for a sunset flip cover! Another two count! Murphy lands a series of strikes to slow Andrews down. Series of counters from both men…Murphy stops another frankensteiner and turns it into a sit-out powerbomb with cover! Andrews escapes. Murphy goes for a suplex but Andrews turns it into a stunner! He climbs to the top for his shooting star press…Murphy gets the knees up! Running knee from Murpy…Murphy’s Law…and that’s all she wrote.

Buddy Murphy wins by pinfall.

The champ celebrates in the ring with his title, and stands tall.

That’s the show friends.