WWE 205 Live Recap (11/14): Cedric And Lio Rush In The Main Event, Tozawa Teams With Brian Kendrick

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205 Live general manager Drake Maverick hypes the cruiserweight title match this Sunday at Survivor Series between challenger Mustafa Ali and champion Buddy Murphy. He then runs down the evening's card, which includes Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa taking on Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher, and Cedric Alexander squaring off against Lio Rush in the main event!

205 intro.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness all welcome us to the most exciting hour on television. (They're not wrong.)

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher are on their way to the ring for the first bout of the night. Flashback to Kendrick defeating Gallagher in singles-action two weeks ago.

Backstage Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick are being interviewed. They're asked how they plan on working together as a team after the brutal history the two of them have. After a moment of thinking about it...neither of them answer...and just walk to the ring.


Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick versus Jack Gallagher & Drew Gulak

Kendrick and Gallagher start in the ring. Kendrick opens up his offense with multiple strikes, followed by a running elbow in the corner. Tozawa tags in...screaming senton onto Gallagher. Early cover but Gallagher kicks out. Tozawa stomps Gallagher down in the corner. Quick tag and he and Kendrick hit a double-big boot on Gallagher, and have the early control in the match.

Gallagher is able to tag out and Gulak comes in. He walks right into a series of right hands from Kendrick, releasing months of built up frustrations he's had since Gulak betrayed him. Gulak get's to the ropes and Gallagher is able to attack Kendrick without the referee seeing. Double-team from Gulak and Gallagher, hitting Kendrick with a stun-gun and lariat in succession. Gulak wears Kendrick down with an arm-lock. Kendrick mounts a comeback but Gulak fends it off and tags in Gallagher, who works over Kendrick's legs with a double-stomp and a series of submissions. Atomic drop/running knee double-team from Gulak and Gallagher and the heels have the advantage.

After several attempts, Kendrick finally tags out. Tozawa comes in nailing Gulak with a running boot and a trouble in paradise kick that sends Gulak to the outside. Suicide dive from Tozawa! He throws Gulak in the ring and climbs the top...missile dropkick! Cover but Gulak kicks out. Octopus submission from Tozawa onto Gulak, but Gallagher pushes Kendrick into them breaking the hold. Tozawa gets angry at Kendrick...Gallagher with a spear to Kendrick...Gulak takes advantage and rolls Tozawa up. That's it!


Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher win by pinfall

Gulak and Gallagher celebrate on the entrance ramp as Kendrick and Tozawa stare each other down in the middle of the ring.

Flashback to earlier today, where Drake Maverick chaperoned the weigh-in for the cruiserweight title match. Ali came in at 182 pounds...while Buddy Murphy landed exactly on 204. After some trash talk...a shoving contest takes place and the champion and challenger have to be separated.

Backstage Buddy Murphy is interviewed by Dasha about the incident. He says he is willing to go to hell and back for his cruiserweight title, and that he feels bad for what he'll do to Ali on Sunday.

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The Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Kalisto) come out next for the second bout of the evening. Their opponents are already in the ring.

Kalisto & Lince Dorado versus Mike Karma & Kraig Kessaman

Dorado starts out against Karma. Dorado destroys Karma with an overhand slap, springboard crossbody, and frankensteiner in quick succession. Karma does a mocking lucha chant, but eats a superkick for his actions. Dorado tags Kalisto in...double-team action where they show off their lucha skills. Solida De Sol from Kalisto and a shooting star press from Dorado earn the Lucha House Party a quick victory.


Lucha House Party wins by pinfall

Maria Kanellis shows up on the titantron to congratulate the Lucha House Party on their victory. She calls herself the first lady of 205, and says that they have unfinished business with TJP and her husband Mike. Maria ends by wishing Gran Metalik (who is not here tonight) good luck in his match against TJP next week.

Cedric Alexander cuts a promo. He says that he was undefeated for almost a year while champion, and that his legacy depends on how he performs against Lio Rush tonight.

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The man of the hour...Lio Rush is on his way to the ring...and it's main event time! Cedric Alexander is out second.

Cedric Alexander versus Lio Rush

Tie-up. Cedric wins the early chain wrestling exchange locking in an armbar, but Rush breaks the hold and counters with a headlock. Rollup attempt from Rush but Cedric lands on his feet...Rush with a frankensteiner attempt but Cedric lands on his feet again! After some jaw-jacking Rush trips Cedric and slaps him in the face. This angers Cedric, who chases Rush but walks right into a springboard frankensteiner that connects. Rush continues to taunt Cedric...but eats a stiff dropkick. Big knife-edged chop from Cedric, followed by a snapmare/dropkick combo. Huge back body drop and Cedric has the early advantage.


Cedric destroys Rush with a running punt while Rush was tied up in the ropes. Cedric goes for his roll-through flatliner but Rush surprises him with a superkick that sends Cedric to the floor. Suicide Dive from Rush! Big dropkick into the barricade! Rush tosses Cedric into the steel steps and has regained the momentum.

Back in the ring Rush wears Cedric down in the corner with foot chokes. Cedric fires back with another chop but Rush uses his quick striking ability to keep Cedric grounded. Modified chicken-wing submission from Rush...he transitions into a back mount and lays into Cedric with clubbing blows. Cedric finally gets back to his feet but Rush slows him down again with a quick strike enziguri combo. Pinfall attempt but Cedric kicks out at one.

A reverse elbow from Cedric gets him back into the matchup. He lands a running attack in the corner and follows up with his signature springboard crossbody. Lumbar check attempt but Rush rolls through. Nice sequence where both men show off their speed and athleticism that ends with Cedric hitting a handspring enziguri. Rush throws Cedric to the apron, but Cedric comes right back with his roll through flatliner...and hits it this time! Cover but only two. Rush bais Cedric in...kick to the leg...black mass! Spinning driver from Rush! Cedric kicks out!


Cedric lands a huge right hand that nearly takes Rush's head off. Michinoku driver but Rush rolls Cedric up! Kick out! SPANISH FLY FROM RUSH. He goes up for the final hour frog splash...Cedric moves! Lumbar Check attempt but Rush counters into a frankensteiner with a pin! Another kickout! SPANISH FLY FROM CEDRIC. He picks Rush up...LUMBAR CHECK. GOT EM! (What a finish!!!)

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall

Cedric celebrates in the ring...netting his first victory in almost a month.

Mustafa Ali is backstage cutting a promo. He tells Buddy Murphy that the cruiserweight championship means more to him than anyone will ever know. He calls Murphy aggressive, powerful, but that he has the speed and heart advantage.

That's the show friends.