Aleister Black Reportedly Being Considered For WWE Main Roster

Former NXT Champion Aleister Black is currently embroiled in a rivalry with Johnny Gargano. Black signed with NXT in June of 2016, and went on to win the NXT Championship this past April. He lost the title to Tommaso Ciampa at the NXT television tapings this past July.


During the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about this week's NXT tapings. Meltzer noted that he "keeps hearing" that Black is being considered for the main roster. There were no further details given.

Black was one of several NXT stars who toured with the main roster during the WWE European tour this past May while he was still NXT Champion. Black spoke with Rock Sins about the experience, calling it "a huge thing."

"It's a huge thing. You're in with all these people who are such incredible performers, these incredible wrestlers," Black said. "Guys that are at the top of the world and the top of their game, and you're being thrown in there and it's like 'Alright, survive' so I'm being thrown in with the lions to see if I'm a lion myself. It's an incredible experience and it's very humbling. It makes me even more focused on doing right by the company with the belt I'm carrying and the brand I'm carrying and incredibly excited for when the time comes for me to truly move up myself and I get to work with all these fantastic professionals."