DDP Reveals The "All In" Request He Granted For Cody Rhodes, Talks Why The Elite Are Successful

Recently on The Jim Ross Report, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross caught up with fellow WWE Hall Of Famer 'Diamond' Dallas Page. Among many other things, Page talked about a conversation he had with former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle regarding The Young Bucks, why The Elite [thee, thee Elite] are over, and when he was asked to appear at ALL IN.

According to DDP, he was talking to Dalton Castle on Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Rager At Sea cruise about how The Young Bucks have revitalized independent pro wrestling.  

"I was talking to Dalton from ROH last night." Page continued, "he's a really good kid. We had a really good talk and we came to talking about independent wrestling, and how, literally, it was The Young Bucks that changed the field and started to bring not just people, but getting paid. Those guys need to be paid. Who the hell has one of those little dolls now with the big head, [Funko] or something? Who the hell [has] got that who isn't working with WWE or a legend or something? Those two guys do. Matt and Nick do!"

During the conversation, Page explained that the performers behind The Elite are over because they are having fun.

"That's why I think they're the most over because all of them, from Marty [Scurll] to Kenny [Omega] to Cody, to Nick and Matt [Jackson], they're having fun." Page said, "this kid Hangman Page, he [has] got some serious talent. Again, they are part of this elite group of guys. They're having so much fun. I was backstage at ALL IN and we had been there a hell of a lot of times with the old man when Dusty [Rhodes] was back there. It was like a fine watch. He never sold it. If there was pressure, you never saw it. I was watching Cody back there and everyone's coming up to him asking him everything and he was getting ready for the biggest match of his life, but having fun telling everybody how he thinks they're going to run the show and he's doing the meeting just like Dusty used to do."

Also during the podcast, Page talked about Cody texting him to do the Diamond Cutter spot at ALL IN a week before the event. The three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion joked that he has Diamond Cutters ready whenever Cody or WWE call.  

"[Cody] texted me right around ALL IN, right?" Page explained, "if you can go out doing Diamond Cutters at WrestleMania. I guess it was two or three WrestleManias ago when we did the one in Dallas [Texas]. When was that? [WrestleMania] 32 and I get to go out there, a big surprise deal, and that's 101,000 people, and get to drop a Diamond Cutter or two before I get thrown over the top [rope], and I'm like, 'please God, let me land [safely].' No, I wasn't [driving a pink Cadillac then]. It was two days before my 60th birthday and I came up right behind [Triple H] and Steph [McMahon] and said, 'thank you very much for the birthday present!' And I would've done it for nothing just to do it, but to go out there and I'm done. No more Diamond Cutters. Then, Cody and I said to him earlier, 'if you need me for anything [at ALL IN], let me know. And then, about a week out he texted me, 'do you have one more Diamond Cutter in you? It's one of the options.' I said, 'sure, for you. You and the WWE! Absolutely!'"

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Source: The Jim Ross Report


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