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A video package is shown recounting last week's episode and the incredible title match between Johnny Impact and Fenix.

Welcome to what is bound to be another exciting episode of Thursday night Impact Wrestling! We've got a stacked card tonight, with LAX going head-to-head with Matt Sydal & Ethan Page, a HUGE rematch from Bound For Glory between Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship, and we're kicking off the night with friends Rich Swann and Willie Mack going one-on-one.

Rich Swann vs. Willie Mack

Rich begins the match with his trademark dance moves to get the crowd clapping along. Swann starts the action by grabbing a side headlock on Willie Mack until he's reversed and bounced off the ropes. The two exchange a series of reversals, flips, dances, and dropkicks as they bounce from rope to rope. The crowd gives a solid round of applause for the athleticism that both men are showing. Suddenly, Swann delivers a stiff kick to the abdomen of Willie Mack. Mack reverses in to a big shoulder tackle and then backs Swann up in to the turnbuckle. Willie then greets him in the corner with a hard chop and a headlock takeover on to a disoriented Swann. Quick knee strikes are delivered from Mack on to Swann's back. Next, a neckbreaker off the ropes from Mack to Swann.

Rich begins to fight back with abdomen strikes but Willie stays on him with a unique, running, vertical suplex. Close 2 count! Swann counters with some nice chops but Willie returns the favor with a LOUD chop. Ouch! Swann counters Mack in the corner and connects with a sunset flip for a close 2 count. Willie answers with a spinning heel kick. He then perches Rich Swann on to one turnbuckle, climbs atop the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring, and connects with an awe-inspiring coast-to-coast. So impressive from Willie Mack!

Willie stays on Rich with a diving crossbody to the outside. He drags Swann back inside the ring and Mack delivers an unorthodox facebuster for a 2 & 7/8 count! Mack audibly slaps Swann's chest until Rich finally gets in some reversal kicks, followed up by a rolling leg drop. Rich Swann hits his signature, 450 splash from the 2nd rope but he can't quite put Willie away.

After a reversal in the corner, Rich Swann gets a face full of Willie Mack's backside when he gets cannon balled and crushed on the turnbuckle. Mack follows with a beautiful sequence of a samoan drop, kip up, a standing moonsault, and a very close two count. Rich reverses Mack's stunner and attempts to deliver a cutter to escape. Instead, he STILL gets hit with Mack's stunner. Swann got his foot on the rope for a close 2 count! Willie Mack goes for a six-star frog splash but nobody's home. Swann hits some major kicks to Mack's head and connects with a cutter. Only a 2 count. Rich Swann climbs to the top rope and hits a phoenix splash to finally get the 1-2-3! Great match!

Winner: Rich Swann

Back from commercial break, oVe brags about how they are the only ones to ever defeat Brian Cage and how they plan to bring meaning back to the X-Division Championship. They invite Brian Cage to their turf, Ohio.

The commentators update the viewers on the rest of the card for tonight.

Gamma Singh comes out and introduces Rahj Singh as part of the improved Desi Hit Squad. This prompts a match -

The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju and Rahj Singh) vs. The Beach Bums (TJ Crawford and Freddy IV)

Rohit Raju begins the match against TJ Crawford, quickly taking over with a stiff clothesline and striking TJ while he's down. Raju promptly tags in Singh and they team up, delivering a dropkick and a cannonball to TJ in their team's corner. Freddy IV finally gets a tag in but eats a mouth full of boot for his trouble. Raju then gets tagged in and the Desi Hit Squad team up to deliver more combo strikes. Singh and Raju are obviously controlling the majority of this match. More combination kicks and strikes in the corner on Freddy IV. IV finally gets a few strikes in as he tries to escape but receives a knee to the temple in his attempt and gets squashed, 1-2-3.

Winner: The Desi Hit Squad

They air a promo of the OGz walking the streets while King says they're still on top and they're still untouchable.

Back from commercial break, LAX cut a promo about how they're not all about the hippie stuff that Sydal and Page represent. They also touch on what the OGz are up to as Konnan tells Santana and Ortiz to focus on their match tonight.

Video package re-caps Moose and Eddie Edward's tumultuous relationship and builds up the hype for next weeks match at The Final Hour.

We see oVe appearing live as an Ohio crowd enthusiastically chants behind them. An imitation Brian Cage makes his entrance but he's obviously not the real Swolverine. Sami Callihan cuts a promo on the impostor about how he is and always will be superior to Cage. oVe proceeds to beat the fake Cage down and Callihan claims that he's the rightful X-Division Champion.

Back from the commercial, Eli Drake yells in Joseph Park's face about how he plans to sue Impact Wrestling for unsafe working conditions. Park actually likes the idea and expands on it - saying they should create a class action lawsuit with all the wrestlers. Drake calls him a dummy and exits.

Backstage, Scarlett Bordeaux greets Gamma Singh and the Desi Hit Squad. Gamma tries serenading her with a song but Raju pokes fun at him. Scarlett brings up her talent search and implores them to send her a video.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship

Tessa shoves Valkyrie in the face, right off the bat. The two women proceed in to a quick exchange of reversals, arm drags, and kicks until Taya connects with double knees to Tessa's back and face. Valkyrie gets Blanchard backed in to the turnbuckle for a stiff kick but Tessa rolls to the outside and reverses a kick from Taya. This brings Taya out to the floor. Tessa goes flying through the ropes with a beautiful topei suicida.

Back from commercial, Tessa has Taya in a brutal looking chicken wing maneuver that has her arms tied behind her back. Valkyrie reverses with elbows to the abdomen and delivers a crossbody off the ropes. Blanchard gets some strikes on Taya and is back in control. Tessa throws Taya face first in to the 2nd rope, does a running kick to Valkyrie's back, and then gets a close 2 count. Blanchard is staying on Taya with a perfectly executed body slam. Tessa goes to the top rope but Taya has it scouted and forearms her in the chest. She follows that up with an Irish whip in to the corner, a back elbow, and a stiff boot to the side of Blanchard's head.

Valkyrie delivers a headlock takeover and a running dropkick to a sitting Blanchard. Tessa gets a reversal in the corner but receives a spear shortly thereafter. Both women slowly up to their feet. Taya hits some loud chops on Tessa and then follows up with a huge German suplex. Close 2 count. Tessa delivers a sudden cutter and both women are back down. The crowd is so in to this match!

A series of reversals result in Taya taking control and she maneuvers a modified surfboard in to a stomp on Tessa's back. Huge moonsault from Taya Valkyrie connects! A 2 & 7/8 count! Taya climbs up and does a massive crossbody to the floor, landing on Blanchard. Tessa knocks out the referee in what appeared to be an attempt to save her Knockouts Championship.

Winner by DQ: Taya Valkyrie

They air a video package promoting the upcoming World Heavyweight Championship match between Johnny Impact and Killer Cross at Final Hour. Both men give solid performances addressing what their intentions are for Impact Wrestling.

Back from commercial, a video package promotes a new Knockout, Jordynne Grace. She recounts her lucha libre training she received in Mexico and confidently boasts about her strength training.

The flashback moment of the week is aired, featuring Gail Kim vs. Candice LeRae.

Fenix and Pentagon Jr. talk about how they're not pawns in the OGz and LAX's games. They promote their team, The Lucha Brothers, and threaten that they'll give the OGz what they deserve in the ring tonight.

Back from commercial, Brian Cage responds to Sami Callihan's challenge. He says that he'll travel to Ohio next week and defend the X-Division Title against Sami Callihan and anyone else from Ohio that wants a piece of him.

Commentators discuss the card for Final Hour.

Matt Sydal and Ethan Page vs. LAX

Ortiz and Sydal start the match, with Matt getting a couple quick kicks to start out. Ortiz gains the advantage and forces Sydal in to his team's corner, tagging Santana in the process. Santana with a standing moonsault and LAX does a little taunting to add insult to injury. Matt tags out and Page comes in. Santana bests him, delivering rapid arm drags, following it up with a springboard sunset flip, and then kicking Ethan right in the teeth. Santana hits Page with a few chops but Ethan is able to connect with a side slam. Matt Sydal tags in and does a running knee on Santana in the corner. They begin to battle on the outside. Sydal and Page are yelling in Konnan's face until Santana completely jumps over Konnan and hits both men with a senton splash.

Back from commercial, Sydal is in control and has Santana in a heel hook/crossface submission hold. After his pinfall attempt is broken up by Ortiz, Matt tags in Page. Ethan with hard stomps on a downed Santana and a few chops. Quick tags between Sydal and Ethan Page. Matt has Santana in a chin lock at the center of the ring but Santana escapes with abdomen strikes. Matt is able to get Page back in and they're once again in total control.

More chops and strikes to Santana in the corner of Sydal and Page. The quick tags between Sydal and Page, along with their continued stomps and submission holds, have Santana trapped in the corner. Matt hits a sidewalk slam and Page connects with a big elbow drop but they only receives a two count. More quick tags between Page and Sydal, however, Santana is finally able to reverse and tag in Ortiz.

Ortiz comes in hot with a headscissor takedown on Page, followed up by a rolling clothesline. He has Ethan in the corner and hits a big splash. Ortiz hits a signature planking splash for a 2 count. LAX works in tandem and connect with a combo cutter. Santana then hits a northen lights suplex but only gets a 2 count on Ethan Page. Page tags in Sydal and Matt delivers a double stomp to the chest of Ortiz. Matt and Page do a double superkick to Ortiz but their pinfall attempt is cut off by Santana. Coninuous reversals between Ortiz and Matt Sydal. LAX hits their finisher and finally put away Matt Sydal, 1-2-3.

Winner: LAX

Video segment shows Allie apologizing to Kiera Hogan for what has been happening over the past few weeks. They have a heated exchange in which Kiera demands more information about what's wrong with Allie. Allie finally confesses that the darkness is taking over her mind. Kiera promises that they'll finish Su Yung together.

Homicide vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon hits Homicide with a stiff kick and some arm drags to get things started. The two men begin exchanging counters but Pentagon comes out on top. Pentagon exposes the chest of Homicide and delivers a mighty loud chop. Holy cow that was loud! Pentagon climbs to the top rope but he misses with the double stomp. To counter, Homicide comes rushing in with a clothesline and finally gains some control. Homicide contorts and bites the fingers of Pentagon. The two men exchange running clotheslines as they travel from turnbuckle to turnbuckle.

Pentagon connects with a backstabber, causing Homicide to roll to the outside. He follows it up with multiple kicks and chops while Homicide's back is against the steel barricade. Homicide regains control, rushes back in to the ring, and then dives back out and topples over Pentagon with a diving senton. More strikes and muscle manipulation from Homicide before they both roll back in the ring.

Homicide executes an exploder suplex on Pentagon Jr. and then follows it up with a beautiful spinning ddt from the top turnbuckle, causing Pentagon to barely kick out at the 2 count. Another exchange in the corner has Pentagon coming out on top, kicking the legs out from Homicide and connecting with a brutal double stomp attack. The crowd erupts in "Ole, Ole, Ole" chants. Pentagon goes for his fear factor piledriver but gets reversed out of it. A hard hitting chop battle ensues. Homicide attempts his finisher on Pentagon but it gets reversed in to a schoolboy roll-up, allowing Pentagon to get the 1-2-3.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

Hernandez quickly interrupts the victory and attacks Pentagon Jr. with multiple strikes. Fenix makes the save and they are able to best Hernandez momentarily, however, King sneakily attacks them from behind and regains control. The mauling ensues and the lucha brothers get lynched until they're incapacitated. The OGz stand strong as we conclude another exciting episode of Impact Wrestling!

Final video promo plays for next week's Final Hour show.