Impact Wrestling Results (11/29): Gail Kim Return, Tommy Dreamer Vs Drake, Lucha Bros Get Title Shot

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We've got an action-packed night ahead with Eli Drake facing Tommy Dreamer, Jordynne Grace going head-to-head with Katarina in a rematch from a few weeks ago, and in what's bound to be a lightning fast, tag team match, it's The Lucha Bros vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Rich Swann and Fenix start out the match with a tie up that's switched in to a waist lock, favoring Fenix. Swann and Fenix with a series of quick reversals results in a stand off between both men. Swann clutches Fenix's wrist and backs him up in to the corner but Fenix escapes and performs handsprings to the opposite corner. Swann bounces off the ropes and jumps over Fenix with a standing front flip. Fenix rushes him but Swann performs a few handsprings of his own to escape. Fenix shows off his rope climbing abilities a bit and the crowd goes wild.

Willie Mack and Pentagon Jr. get tagged in to the match. The men exchange taunts before Pentagon removes his glove and taunts some more. Mack grabs his hand to protest but Fenix rushes in and super kicks Mack in the back of the head. This causes Swann to rush in for the save and everyone is super kicking everybody in sight until nobody is standing. Pentagon is back up and hits some sharp kicks on Mack's thighs. Pentagon bounces off the ropes but Mack hits a big boot to stop him. Mack off the ropes but this time, Pentagon reverses him with a super kick before bouncing Mack off the ropes once again. Willie reverses and hits a headscissor takeover.

Swann gets tagged back in and he and Mack use a combination facebuster for a close 2 count. Swann tags Mack back in but Fenix tries to do a crossbody to distract him. Willie catches Fenix, delivers a samoan drop and nips up, Mack does a standing moonsault on Fenix, Swan delivers a 450 splash to Fenix and a standing frog splash to Pentagon. Pentagon gets pinned but still kicks out at 2. All participants are still in the ring and the Lucha Bros. take over with some kicks, a double cutter from Fenix, and a sling blade for both Swann and Mack from Pentagon Jr. Swann is set up in the corner and Pentagon hits a flying forerarm, he and Fenix deliver a double superkick to Swann's abdomen, and then Fenix hits a 619 to the back of Swann's head. They spread Swann's legs and Pentagon hits a NASTY double stomp to Rich's groin area.

Mack is back to his feet but quickly gets hit with a double kick and a codebreaker. They top it off with an elevated, combination splash that gives them a close 2 count. Fenix tries to attack Swann on the outside but he gets side-stepped and super kicked in the face. Pentagon with a kick to Mack but Willie bounces him off the ropes and pounce tackles him. Willie Mack with a helio senton dive to the outside on Pentagon. Swann hits the Phoenix splash on both Mack and Pentagon. Fenix follows it up with and INSANE, rope trick, corkscrew dive to the outside to take everyone out.

Back from commercial, Fenix is hitting some forearms on Mack. Willie responds with some audible chops. Fenix chops back and they're also loud! Forearm exchange ends with Fenix crumbling to the floor. Willie throws him to the ropes but Fenix swings through and knocks Willie out with a kick to the head. He pulls Mack to the corner but Swann rushes over to save him. Swann gets thrown to the apron and Pentagon/Fenix team up to deliver a reverse hurrincanrana on Mack, and then a hardcore double stomp, piledriver combo that takes Swann out.

Fenix comes off the ropes with a diving headbutt to Willie. Pentagon double stomps on Mack and then they use a wheelbarrow splash combo for the 1-2-3

Winner: The Lucha Bros.

LAX comes out after the match and congratulates The Lucha Bros. LAX get on the mic and say the match just now was "pure fuego!" "That was awesome" chants erupt from the Vegas crowd. LAX go through a list of the tag teams they've defeated but finish it off with saying that they want to give a shot to their family - The Lucha Bros. And it's official: LAX vs. The Lucha Bros. at Homecoming for the Impact Wold Tag Team Championships!!!

A backstage segment is shown featuring Brian Cage explaining just how important his Impact World Heavyweight Title match is.

Back from commercial, Konnan is backstage pacing as LAX walks up. Konnan is infuriated! He says that LAX disobeyed him and that it wasn't the right time for Lucha Bros. vs LAX! He delves in to the history he has with all the luchadors and why matches like this can break family apart. He says, "I gotta do what I gotta do" and then exits.

Jordynne Grace vs. Katarina

Katarina ties Grace up in a waist lock to begin but Jordynne quickly backs her up in the corner and uses a headlock takeover. Katarina responds with a wrist lock but Jordan reverses that in to a tight headlock. Katarina screams in pain as she backs Jordynne up in to the ropes and bounces to the opposite side of the ring, kicking and elbowing Grace as she attempts to chase after her. Jordynne is having none of it and basically swats her away with a shoulder tackle. A series of reversals results in a piercing spinebuster to Katarina and a 2 count favoring Jordynne. Grace attempts the bear hug but Katarina is able to escape with some elbows. Jordynne reverses a kick but is still hit with a strike from Katarina. Katarina with a corner splash and a kick off the ropes before going for a cover. Jordynne gets her foot on the rope to break the count.

Katarina uses the ropes to choke Jordynne and then knees her in the corner. Jordynne is caught on the turnbuckle but slowly fights her way to the center of the ring. Katarina uses a rolling senton for just a 1 count and then follows it up with a full-body choking submission. Jordynne is able to escape and throws Katarina in to the corner. Jordynne tries to regain control once again but Katarina uses a chinbreaker to once again ground Grace. Katarina with a couple knees to the abdomen. The women reverse each other before Katarina quick steps up to the 2nd rope and hits a big jumping ddt on Grace for a 2 count.

Katarina continues striking a downed Jordynne. Grace bounces Katarina off the ropes and pounce shoulder tackles her across the ring! Katarina slowly reaches her feet and rushes toward Jordynne in the corner, but Grace boots her in the mush and tosses her in to the ring post on the opposite corner of the ring. Grace with a meteora on the back of the neck to Katarina before crushing Katarina in the corner with a back elbow attack. Jordynne delivers the bear hug until Katarina is forced to tap out.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Back from commercial, Fallah Bahh and KM discuss the Thanksgiving episode and their loss the week prior. They try to rebuild their confidence but return emotionally crushed. Scarlett Bordeaux appears and tells them that they're at the bottom of her talent search list. Bahh and KM cry hysterically.

Again backstage, referee Brandon Tollee demands that Tessa Blanchard respects his authority! She tells him that he made himself clear before he exits.

Back from commercial, Tommy Dreamer is interviewed about the controversy with Eli Drake. Dreamer calls Drake a skinny-jeaned millennial that represents everything he hates with the world. He goes on to drag Drake about his time in Tough Enough, his poor performance as Impact Heavyweight Champion and he even calls Drake a 'dummy'. Tommy talks about how much he's always sacrificed for the business and how Eli needs new insults other than fat shaming. He promises that he'll come out on top tonight because he's got the heart.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rae Lynn

The match begins with Lynn shoving the back of Valkyrie and taunting her. Taya shoves her back and does a little taunting of her own. The women rush one another but Taya comes out on top with a couple loud chops! Rae side-steps Taya in the corner and forearms her to stagger. Lynn bounces off the ropes and hits an elevated knee to Valkyrie's face. Rae throws Taya back to the center of the ring and hits a beautiful missile drop kick for a 2 count. Valkyrie is slow to get back to her feet but she's able to gain the advantage when she does. Taya tackles Rae with three different splashes in the corner before a running meteora to a sitting Lynn. Taya gets a 2 count before Rae kicks out. Valkyrie goes for her finisher but Lynn is able to counter and gets Taya in to a sitting position. Rae with some stiff kicks to the back of a downed Taya.

Rae Lynn shakes her butt in Taya's face, which leads to an angered Taya using a nasty surfboard face stomp and turning it in to a new submission finisher that mixes a surfboard and a crossface maneuver.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

After the match, Tessa Blanchard runs out and starts attacking Valkyrie. Referee Brandon Tollee comes out and yells in her face before she savagely attacks him and chokes him out. Gail Kim appears and throws Tessa in to the corner! Taya capitalizes on the distraction and spears right through Tessa. Tessa sits on the ramp in shock and stares at Taya and Gail Kim in the ring.

We see an interview segment where Johnny Impact discusses how much the Impact World Heavyweight Championship means to him. He says that nobody deserves a title match more than Brian Cage does. Impact talks Cage up and agrees that he's an incredible machine. Johnny says that Homecoming will be something that Brian Cage has never experienced before. Killer Kross interrupts the interview and continues trying to convince Johnny Impact that he needs Kross's help to take Cage out. Johnny says the answer is still no and walks away.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) vs. Mike Sydal and Chris Bay

Dez quickly takes control over Sydal and gets him in a headlock. Mike reverses and rushes after Xavier but he keeps getting tripped up and reversed. Sydal off the ropes and gets hit with a beautiful dropkick from Xavier. Mike is pulled back on his feet and reverses in to a dropkick before posing a little bit. Zach gets tagged in and he and Mike exchange a series of reversals before Wentz does a stunning springboard corkscrew attack. Chrs Bay gets tagged in and delivers a hurrincanranna to gain advantage. Dezmond is tagged in and uses a series of stirkes, European uppercuts and kick to the back of the head before he tags in Zach Wentz. Wentz follows it up with an excessive bronco buster in the corner on Bay.

Zach taunts a little before covering for a 2 count. Dez is tagged back in and he and Wentz watch as Sydal enters the ring and rushes after them. They enjoy themselves with kicks to Mike Sydal's legs, back, head, etc. before Zach hits a hard double stomp on Sydal's back. The Rascalz hype the crowd up before doing a double suicide dive to the opposing team on the outside. The Rascalz immediately throw Sydal back inside the ring and combine their forces to deliver kicks, knees, and an awesome, unique, combo moonsault for the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Rascalz

Kiera Hogan is backstage being interviewed and she's obviously emotional. She's adamant that Allie hasn't fully lost herself to the dark side. She personally delivers a message to Allie and begs her to overcome the darkness and come home.

Back from commercial, we see Eddie and Alisha Edwards backstage and Alisha is explaining why she called the nurses/doctors on Eddie last week. She says that the cops would have put him away for a long time if she didn't institutionalize him. Alisha is led away and Moose shows up. Eddie is too sedated to react as Moose goes on about how he's better than Eddie, how Eddie's wife left him, how Eddie turned on their friendship, etc. Moose says that he hopes Eddie gets out someday and he says he's going to check on Alisha.

Backstage, Eli Drake rants about the issues with Impact Wrestling and Tommy Dreamer. Eli assures Dreamer that he was never talking directly to him but now he's going to send Tommy right to the retirement home.

Back from commercial, Matt Sydal is preaching to Ethan Page about how he needs to focus on the universe's plan instead of the losses. Page lists out the losses they've had recently and Matt tells him that it's because they're not on the right path. He says the correct path is Ethan Page vs. Matt Sydal to qualify for the Ultimate X Match next week.

Eli Drake vs. Tommy Dreamer

The match gets started with both men locking up and Drake gaining the advantage with a headlock and a stiff shoulder tackle. Eli Drake taunts as Dreamer gets back to his feet. They lock up again and Dreamer reverses with a drop toe hold on Drake. Eli gets to his feet and rushes after Tommy but receives a deep arm drag for his trouble. Dreamer tries staying on top of him but Eli connects with a knee. Tommy gets another big arm drag on Eli before they meet face to face and exchange more words in the center of the ring. Eli kicks Dreamer's abdomen and punches him right in the mouth. Tommy fights back with some sharp chops before he mounts Eli in the corner and punches him in the head. Tommy begins biting his forehead! Drake hits a thumb to Tommy's eye to escape. Dreamer still delivers a picture-perfect cutter to a disoriented Drake. Eli rolls to the outside and says that he's finished with the match. He's counted out.

Winner by Count Out: Tommy Dreamer

Josh Matthews gets on the mic and says that the match will be no dq and no count out!

Back from commercial, Dreamer is exploiting the no DQ rules and striking Eli Drake at the top of the ramp. Tommy exits to the back and returns with an assortment of weapons - a trash can, baking sheet, a kendo stick, etc. Eli gets hit with a donut box before Tommy stops and eats a few bites. Tommy hits Eli's abdomen with the ring bell and then lays it on top of Drake before wacking it with the hammer. Tommy spits water all over Drake and hits him with a loud chop. Tommy takes a cane from the crowd and uses the handle to squash the groin of Eli Drake. Tommy connects with another chop right before Eli Drake vertically suplexes Tommy on to the steel ramp.

Both men are winded but Eli makes it back up first and kicks a downed Tommy. Drake wacks him with a traffic cone and uses a slingshot to choke Dreamer on the bottom rope. Drake continues with stomps and knees on a downed Dreamer. A punch and a clubby blow to Tommy's back connect before Eli hits a right hand and tosses Dreamer in the corner. The two men exchange a series of reversals before Eli Drake uses the baking sheet and hits a modified neckbreaker. He covers Tommy but only gets a 1 and a half count.

Drake gets back to his feet and taunts some more. He irish whips Tommy from one corner to the other but gets hit with a boot and a clothesline. Tommy delivers a neckbreaker to follow up and his signature punches/bionic elbow. Tommy goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He continues circling the ring and throws the garbage can inside the squared circle. Drake is able to reverse Dreamer and drop toeholds him face-first in to a chair. Tommy still won't be put away and Drake gets a 2 count. Eli climbs to the top rope with the steel chair and attempts to dive on Tommy with it, but Dreamer sticks his feet up and the chair bounces off Eli's face instead. Tommy goes for the Dreamer DDT on the chair but Eli reverses and gets a 2 count. Eli is the first one back up and he shoves a trashcan in-between the 2nd and 3rd turnbuckle. Tommy capitalizes when he's distracted and hits his finishing Dreamer DDT! Eli still kicks out at 2!

Eli ends up low blowing Dreamer, throwing him face-first in to the trash can and then executing the Gravy Train. TOMMY DREAMER KICKED OUT OF THE GRAVY TRAIN! The only person ever, apparently. Eli sets up Tommy's head so it's like he's trapped in a guillotine. Eli takes a rowing oar and breaks it on the side of the chair and Tommy's face. He gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Eli Drake

Backstage, Eli makes it to the back and finds a letter addressed to him. As he reads, his expression changes from curious to terrified. He rushes off screen in concern.


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