As previously noted, 'Famous Dick Wrestler' Joey Ryan was recently a guest on The Steve Austin Show, hosted by WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin. Among many other things, Ryan talked about working his 'penisplex' maneuver with WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley and pro wrestling veteran Billy Gunn. Also, Austin shared a story about how he learned about Foley debuting Mr. Socko.

According to Ryan, Foley actually asked the YouPorn sponsored athlete to take the 'penisplex' at a show in Ireland. Ryan described the exchange as one of the most surreal moments of his professional wrestling career.

"I did the penis spot with Mick Foley and if I have to pinpoint one surreal moment of my career, it's like so I go to Ireland because the show's in Ireland. I know Mick Foley's on the show because he's on the flyer because he's going to draw an audience. And I think maybe I met him before, but we never really talked. And the promoter comes up to me and he goes, 'hey, Mick Foley's on the show.' I go, 'cool.' He's like, 'he wants to talk to you.' I was like, 'oh, okay.' And [Foley] is in kind of his own little area. [The promoter] is like, '[Foley]'s over there.' I o, 'okay,' so I go and I'm like, 'hello, I heard you wanted to talk to me.' And he starts pitching the idea of my own penis move to me. Like, Mick Foley, Hall Of Famer, millionaire Mick Foley, starts pitching my penis move to me because he wants [to do it]. He was like, 'I thought I'd pull the sock out, Mr. Socko, you turn around, when you turn around, I throw it at you, but you jump, and I grab your penis by accident, and 'oh, now I'm trapped'. And then after he says, 'does that sound okay to you?' and I'm like, 'what do you mean, 'does that sound okay to you?' Like, we'll do whatever you want!'" Ryan added, "and it was really cool because I didn't have to have the awkward conversation like, 'well, I do this thing with my penis where you grab it and I flip you with it.'"

During the conversation, Austin shared a story about the 'bedpan McMahon' hospital segment on WWE Monday Night RAW. Apparently, while filming the segment, Foley pulled out Mr. Socko and told Austin it would be his new finish. Austin and Foley were laughing so much that it made filming difficult.

"I hit Vince McMahon with a bedpan and we were doing this gimmick a long time ago." Austin explained, "[McMahon] was in the hospital, Mick came in there to cheer him up, and he had a clown, and he was twisting up balloons or whatever, so anyway, they were in there filming Vince McMahon complaining like he was the worst patient in the world, right? So me and Mick are in this tiny, tiny bathroom and he pulls out Mr. Socko and this was before he started using it. And he's telling me this is about to be his finishing move. I was like, 'you've got to be s--tting me, right?' It was great. I promise you, we were in the smallest bathroom that could fit two grown men and we're pretty big guys. While Vince is there doing his sad-sack patient stuff and I'm in there laughing my ass off because it was such a great thing. And they had to keep opening the door and saying, 'will you guys shut up? We're trying to film Vince's stuff, so we can get to you.' We only have a limited amount of time. But Mick gets it."

Ryan said it is sometimes awkward when he pitches the 'penisplex' move, as was the case when 'The Lollipop King' first pitched it to 'Mr. Ass'. 

"The first time I pitched it to Billy Gunn, I was like, 'well, I do this thing.' A lot of times, I just pull the video up and say, 'this is what I do.' Like, obviously, Billy's cool, so he was cool with it too, but just the sit-down with someone I don't really know and somebody who's so well established in [pro] wrestling, I'm just like, 'this is kind of my thing.' But also, people like Billy, Mick, and [Austin], you get how hard it is to get something over, and how to maintain it being over for a long time, and to make a success out of it." Ryan continued, "so I think guys that have been in it long and maybe struggled a little bit and then got something that was over understand the struggle that it is, so I think they're a little more sympathetic with my schtick being over-the-top and cartoonish."

Ryan divulged that he and Gunn have become friends. Additionally, Ryan indicated that Gunn actually enjoys doing the 'penisplex' now because it is easy and it is over.

"Billy and I have become friends since we've wrestled together two or three times since then, but he loves it because he likes that it's easy and it's over. Yeah, yeah, yeah, [Gunn likes working the gaga], so we've had a lot of fun together." Ryan said, "he [has] actually become one of my favorite opponents to have, but yeah, like [Austin] said, he likes working it. He gets it."

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Source: The Steve Austin Show