Johnny Impact Says Talent "Are Supposed To Say Very Little" Regarding Austin Aries

Over the past few weeks, Austin Aries has dominated headlines for Impact Wrestling. After losing the Impact World Championship to Johnny Impact at Bound for Glory, Aries immediately no-sold the finish and walked out of the ring in disgust. With rumors of whether that was planned or not, the wrestling world was interested. Aries has not been seen since.

The controversy has been used in Impact's storylines, with Johnny proclaiming he is a better champion. He has also been busy with Killer Kross, a man who was a part of Aries' stable along with Moose heading into Bound for Glory.

Both men were asked about Aries by Wrestling Inc., which you can listen to on the latest episode of Wrestling Inc.'s podcast, the WINCLY. Killer Kross was honest about Aries' loss, and knows as much as anyone else regarding his whereabouts.

"Whatever Austin did in that match clearly wasn't enough," Kross said. "That is not a knock against him either. People win, people lose. I have no idea where he is. We had a mission, and he could not stay the course. That was yesterday, today is today. If he comes back we will see what happens."

The current champion also had an opportunity to talk about Aries. Unlike Kross, he kept it short and sweet, not wanting to keep all the attention on the former champion.

"It is a company call," Impact stated. "I thought in regards to Austin Aries we are supposed to say very little, and keep our Austin Aries answers very short."

Want more of Kross v. Impact? Both will be squaring off tonight on Impact Wrestling on Pop TV for Johnny's Impact World Championship.

You can listen to Kross and Impact's comments on the WINCLY in the player below, which also features ROH star Vinny Marseglia, TrumpMania author Lavie Margolin, PWI's Dan Murphy and Lance Anoa'i, who talks about his career and cousin Roman Reigns. Please subscribe to Wrestling Inc Audio on iTunes to get the latest episode of the WINCLY every Thursday afternoon!