After Hiroshi Tanahashi won the G1 Climax back in August, IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega has been criticizing his work ethic in the ring as the build toward their main event match at Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4 continues. Back in September, Omega mocked Tanahashi when he was about to face Kazuchika Okada for the rights to the G1 Briefcase.

“Can’t wait for Tana vs Okada 71! I swear watching the same recycled match will be just as good in even slower motion!”, Omega wrote.

Tanahashi had some words of his own, stating that Kenny can’t tell a story in the ring because he “feels that the last 5 minutes of a Kenny match is all that matters.” He also didn’t respect Kenny as the former leader of Bullet Club but liked Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) and AJ Styles because “they were completely dedicated to Bullet Club.”

Omega has once again called out Tanahashi, not just for his work in the ring, but outside of the ring. Omega gave some comments to Yahoo! Japan (translated by NJPW Commentator Chris Charlton) about Tanahashi “doing zero for international fans. He doesn’t care for those fans, doesn’t perform for them.”

Omega continued that he is a world champion and his lines of fans outside of Japan far exceed Tanahashi’s. Looking down the road, Omega even noted if Tanahashi is champion and has the same attitude the fan reaction at ROH / NJPW’s Madison Square Garden event in April could be embarrassing.