Kevin Sullivan Claims Wrestlers' Ability To Get Heat Has Been "Sabotaged" By Social Media

On a recent episode of Sean Waltman's podcast "X-Pac 12360" he spoke with pro wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan talked about social media and wrestling (which seems to be a hot topic lately) as well as raising money for the American Cancer Fund in recognition of Roman Reigns. Here are highlights from the interview:

Social media stopping wrestling from getting real heat:

"I also think they [wrestlers] sabotaged themselves with social media. ... The only one that doesn't seem to do that is Brock [Lesnar] and there's a mystique about Brock. I think there should be somebody there looking at what they are sending out, they should have to get an 'okay' before sending it out. ... Guys that are on the independents and in Impact [Wrestling], Sami Callihan when he hit Eddie Edwards with the baseball bat, everybody thought he was gonna apologize instead he said 'You guys should be talking about me' and people were hot at him. ... That's how you could bring it back, it's never gonna bring it all the way back but [the fans] will still believe in something."

Using the documentary "Card Subject To Change" to raise money for the American Cancer Fund in recognition of Roman Reigns:

"'Card Subject To Change' is being re-released, its longer and it's You can go and find out how much it costs, but I would like you to do this. ... A portion of it is going to the American Cancer Fund and in the bottom of the check where it says 'What is this for?' I want you to put 'Roman' because this guy Roman Reigns has suffered from everybody sending negative energy out to him, this kid looks like a movie star he's a professional at what he does and I know he's gonna beat this."

Sullivan also talked about what makes a good heel and working across four generations of pro wrestling. You can listen to the full podcast via iTunes.