Lucha Underground Recap (10/31): Mask Vs. Mask, Trios Championship On The Line, Taya Vs. Mundo

Show opens with a series of flashbacks: The White Rabbit makes his debut to join Paul London and the Rabbit Tribe, Ivelisse and XO Lishus add Sammy Guevara to their trios team...Ricky Mundo falls down a dark path and unleashes Matanza on Johnny Mundo and Taya during their wedding...Killshot and Son of Havoc began as teammates, but started butting heads leading to their defeat and loss of the Trios championships.


Cut to Aerostar asking for the other half of the Medallion from Captain Vasquez (Catrina's mother) to help bring balance to the darkness. She obliges... fading into the atmosphere as the medallion becomes one once again.

Melissa Santos welcomes us to Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Matt Striker and Vampiro hype up the mask vs mask showdown between Killshot and Son of Havoc.

Our first bout of the evening...a three-way elimination tornado tag for the trios championship. Everyone is already in the ring.

The Rabbit Tribe versus The Reptile Tribe versus Ivelisse, XO Lishus, & Sammy Guevara for the LU Trios Championship

All nine competitors begin in the ring. White Rabbit sends Paul London and El Bunny away. Sami charges the Rabbit but walks into a big boot. He takes out Lishus with a Saito bomb and grabs his white glove! EVERYONE nails him with a jumping front kick.


Action spills to the outside. Jeremiah Snake, Sammy Guevara, Ivelisse, El Bunny all take out the pack with suicide dives and tope con hilos. Everyone starts brawling around the temple. Sammy ends up above the entrace way with Kobra Moon. SPANISH FLY from Sammy to Moon and they land on everyone! White Rabbit throws Sammy back in the ring and commands London and El Bunny to go for the cover. London trips and gets rolled up by Sammy!

The Rabbit Tribe are eliminated.

White Rabbit attacks Sammy by sticking his hand (with the white glove) deep down Sammy's throat, and slamming him to the mat. Eventually the Rabbit Tribe leaves, but Sammy is spitting up blood and Ivelisse and Lishus call for a medic as we go to our first break.

Back from break and Ivelisse and XO Lishus are fending off the Reptile Tribe without Sammy. Jeremiah and Lishus go at it, trading thrust kicks. Springboard stunner from Lishus! Ivelisse takes out Kobra Moon and Daga with a crossbody. Ivelisse hits Jeremiah with a code-red and nearly wins it but Daga breaks it up. They throw Ivelisse to the outside. The Reptile tribe then triple-teams a spirited XO Lishus...Daga locks in an armbar... Ivelisse tries to break it up...but the damage has been done. XO taps.


The Reptile Tribe wins and remains LU Trios Champions.

Taya takes Ricky Mundo after the break!

Ricky is already in the ring...posing with his creepy doll. Taya comes out with some fire.

Taya versus Ricky Mundo

Taya spears Ricky to open things up. Big German suplex and a running clothesline in the corner and Taya has the early advantage. Running meteora and Taya nearly wins it early. Ricky bounces back and lands a stiff superkick on Taya to take control. He digs his elbow deep into Taya's skull and throws her to the outside.

Ricky grabs a table from underneath the ring. Before setting it up he tosses Taya at the announce table but Taya jumps up on it! Crossbody from Taya and she unloads on Ricky with right hands.

Back in the ring Taya lands a series of back-drops. Nice sequence where Taya dodges several strike attempts, and locks in a step-over crossface submission! It's in deep...Ricky taps!

Taya wins by submission.

Post-match Taya is still angry. She screams... "you ruined my f%$king wedding" before slamming him through the table that was set up earlier. She grabs Ricky's doll and leaves the temple.

Main event is next as we go to break!

Son of Havoc is out first. Killshot follows. Crowd is evenly split...cheering for both men.


Killshot versus Son of Havoc: Mask versus Mask

Action begins quickly with both men trading strikes in the center of the ring. Havoc wins the exchange knocking Killshot to the outside. Backflip dive from Havoc takes Killshot down! Back in the ring Killshot takes control with a double-underhook suplex. Havoc tries to mount some offense but Killshot catches Havoc with a modified GTS. Double-stomp from the top... Havoc kicks out!

Killshot leaves the ring and grabs a stretcher from behind the Temple. He undoes the bottom turnbuckle so he can slide the stretcher into the ring. He goes to powerbomb Havoc onto the stretcher but Havoc shifts his weight....backbreaker. Now Havoc grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up close to the entrance path. Another exchange of strikes that Killshot wins this time. Both men climb into the crowd...Havoc punches Killshot right onto the table. He goes to the top of the temple... BIG SUPERFLY SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE. Crowd is going crazy.

After a few moments...Havoc rolls Killshot back into the ring and covers him...but Killshot kicks out. Havoc climbs to the turnbuckle to go for the shooting star but Killshot cuts him off. Havoc catches him with a firemans carry...death valley driver FROM THE TOP ROPE! Havoc climbs... SHOOTING STAR LANDS! KILLSHOT KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Havoc can't believe it. He drags Killshot onto the stretcher and climbs again but again Killshot cuts him off...this time with an enziguri. Killshot climbs...SUPERPLEX ONTO THE STRETCHER. Killshot climbs...double-stomp lands again. Full Nelson driver. One...two...HAVOC GETS AN ARM UP! (WOW)


Both men are exhausted in the middle of the ring. They trade strikes. Bounce back cutter from Havoc. He piledrives Killshot onto the stretcher...and ties him up in it! Havoc climbs to the top rope one more time...Shooting star onto Killshot on top of the stretcher...THAT...IS...IT. (What a match.)

Son of Havoc wins by pinfall.

We go to our final break with Striker telling us that Killshot will reveal his face when we return.

Upon return Havoc is still in the ring with Killshot. Killshot grabs a microphone and says his name is Lt. Jermaine "Killshot" Strickland. He says that for years he's been trying to escape his true identity...and that he left his brothers for dead during the war. He removes the mask and shows his face for the first time. (Shane Strickland in case you haven't figured it out.) He hands the mask to Son of Havoc, who celebrates and holds the mask up with pride. Crowd chants "thank you Killshot" as he leaves the temple.

Outside the Temple, Killshot Strickland is approached by Dante Fox who is in full Marine uniform. Strickland apologizes for his past actions, and asks to be relieved of duty. Dante salutes him... and grants him his release.