Show opens with recap of season 4’s biggest stories. Matanza attacks Mundo at his wedding, but now Mundo has the power gauntlet once held by Cage… setting up one of tonight’s showdowns. A look at what happened to Fenix, who lost a part of his soul, and now plans to face El Dragon Azteca Jr. The Mack is ready to face his fears, and take on Mil Muertes in a deathmatch. And in the main event…Lucha Underground champion Marty “The Moth” Martinez defends against the former champion Pentagon Dark in a Cero Miedo match.

Johnny Mundo and Taya are backstage. Mundo is posing with the gauntlet, falling prey to it’s seductive powers. He asks if Taya will be there in case he needs him. “I wouldn’t miss it…for the Mundo.” They kiss. Johnny says that if he ends up being sacrificed, he loves her. Taya picks up the doll left by Ricky Mundo…it seems to possess her as the segment cuts to black.

Melissa Santos welcomes us to part 2 of Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Matt Striker and Vampiro tell us that tonight’s two hour finale will be the biggest show of the year.

First up…El Dragon Azteca Jr taking on Fenix in a 2-out-of-3 falls bout. Azteca is out first. Fenix is out second. (Melissa still has a tough time announcing his name without getting choked up.) Fenix enters the ring right as we go to our first break of the evening.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. versus Fenix 2-out-of-3 falls

Things start out quick with each man trading stiff strikes. Fenix catches Azteca in a cutter and has the early advantage. Fenix goes for a powerbomb but Azteca transitions into a Code Red with a cover! Fenix kicks out! To the outside Azteca takes Fenix out with a top rope crossbody. He throws Fenix back in but misses a Swanton Bomb. Thrust kick from Fenix, but Azteca responds with one of his own. Azteca climbs again, but Fenix cuts him off with a palm strike. Muscle Buster Driver from Fenix and he takes the first fall.

Fenix has won the first fall

We go to a quick commercial.

Back from break and Fenix is wedging a chair into the turnbuckle. (Commentary says this second fall will be NO DQ.) German suplex from Fenix. He puts Azteca into the corner with the chair, but Azteca moves and lands a drive-by kick to the head! Fenix bounces Azteca off the ropes…HUGE TORNADO DDT FROM AZTECA. Cover and Azteca secures the second fall.

El Dragon Azteca Jr has won the second fall.

Antonio Cueto comes out and announces that the third fall will be…FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE! Fenix takes advantage of the distraction and smacks Azteca in the head with a chair!


Fenix stalks Azteca and sets up a series of chairs at ringside. Fenix attempts a suplex but Azteca counters and lands an enziguri knocking Fenix off the apron. Azteca tosses a chair directly at Fenix’s head, and then slams Fenix on the side of the announce table. Fenix responds with a knife-edged chop and another German suplex in succession. Fenix grabs another table but Azteca climbs back into the ring.

Springboard dropkick from Azteca. He sets up a table in the ring but chases Fenix to the outside again. They trade strikes…another Tornado DDT from Azteca onto the Temple floor! Azteca climbs into the crowd but Fenix follows him up. FRANKENSTEINER FROM AZTECA SENDING FENIX THROUGH A TABLE. Cover…Fenix kicks out! Rainmaker elbow from Fenix, and Azteca is on the table at ringside. Fenix climbs the turnbuckle…SWANTON BOMB. (Table doesn’t break.) He goes for the muscle-buster driver but Azteca escapes. Both men climb the turnbuckle again…Fenix goes for a superplex but Azteca blocks it. SUNSET FLIP BOMB FROM AZTECA THROUGH THE TABLE! FENIX KICKS OUT AGAIN! Azteca is frustrated. He grabs two more chairs and throws them in the ring. He goes to smash Fenix with the chair…but Melissa begs him to stop…saying that they’re friends. Fenix hits Azteca with a chair shot…spear through another table. Fenix sets him up…muscle-buster driver…and he gets the win.

Fenix wins by pinfall.

Melissa Santos doesn’t announce Fenix as the winner…she’s so upset she leaves the Temple. Striker announces that Mil Muertes and The Mack are next!

Antonio Cueto comes out and says that Melissa will not be coming back. However, he reveals that he’s signed a blockbuster talent to be the ring announcer for the rest of the evening…Shaul Guerrero!! (Crowd goes wild!)

Shaul takes the microphone and says it’s an honor to be there. She then announces the next matchup…but Famous B interrupts her. He claims that the Temple wants him to be the guest ring announcer before handing her a business card. Shaul fires back saying that the Guerrero’s are Lucha Libre, and names them off. (Big pops for Vicki, Chavo, and Eddie.) She throws the card back. Famous B takes his jacket off and says he’ll make her leave the ring. Chavo comes out! They double-team B. Suplex from Shaul…SHE TURNS IT INTO THE THREE AMIGOS!!! Chavo climbs the top…FROG SPLASH. They toss B to the outside.

Mack and Muertes is again announced for next. (I think they really mean it this time.)

Shaul introduces Mack first…who is already in the ring. Mil comes out pushing a coffin. Here we go.

The Mack versus Mil Muertes in a deathmatch

Mil charges Mack but Mack moves and unloads right hands. Mil overpowers Mack and responds with right hands of his own. Short-arm clothesline from Mil but Mack fires back with a flying knee strike. Big Lariat from Mack sends Mil to the outside. Tope Con Hilo from Mack! They continue to trade strikes but Mil is too powerful. He slams Mack’s head off the coffin.

Both men up on the apron now. Mil lands a DDT. With Mack down Mil grabs another coffin from the entrance path. He throws Mack on top of one…facebuster! Back in the ring Mil lands 9 standing lariats in the corner, but Mack dodges the 10th and hits a sic kick. Backbreaker, followed up by a cannonball. Mack goes to the outside and opens a coffin. THERE ARE WEAPONS. LIKE AXE’S AND KNIVES AND STUFF. Suicide Dive from Mil takes Mack down! He tosses Mack back in the ring and picks up an axe…Mack stops it from hitting him and grabs it. He takes a swing at Mil but he dodges. Standing spear from Mil. HE SMASHES A SICKLE OVER MACK’S HEAD BUSTING HIM OPEN.

Mack somehow gets to his feet and grabs a chain screaming “KUNTA KINTE 3000” before smashing Mil over the head. (WHAT IS HAPPENING? LOL.) Mack grabs a trash can and sets Mil up for a coast to coast…HE HITS IT! Pinfall…Mil kicks out. Mack tries to pick Mil up…Chokeslam from Mil out of nowhere! Both men are down. Mil charges Mack in the corner but Mack moves and Mil smashes off the ringpost.

At ringside Mack rips Mil’s mask. Kendo stick shot from Mack right on Mil’s exposed head! Back in the ring Mack catches Mil in a jumping DDT. Mil responds with another short-arm clothesline but Mack gets an adrenaline rush and hits a standing moonsault. Two count. Powerslam with cover from Mil! Another two count. Mack throws more fists at Mack but out of nowhere he lands the Flatliner! MACK KICKS OUT! Mil goes for it again but Mack escapes by hitting multiple elbows. Stunner from Mack! Another stunner! Mil is still on his feet. Mack grabs a brick…AND BREAKS IT OFF MIL’S HEAD. Another stunner…and that’s it!

The Mack wins by pinfall.

Mack opens up a coffin and drags Mil’s body into it. He cracks opens two beers, pours them on Mil, and downs them.

Johnny Mundo and Matanza square off next.

Mundo is on his way to the ring with the Gauntlet. Antonio Cueto comes out and screams at Johnny…saying he doesn’t know how got the Gauntlet, but Matanza will be leaving him in a pool of his own blood. Matanza then comes out in a tribal, sacrificial attire.


Johnny Mundo versus Matanza

A staredown in the center of the ring. Mundo grabs Matanza by the throat with the gauntlet, and tosses Matanza across the ring. Matanza targets the gloved hand and throws the gauntlet into the crowd. Mundo lands some strikes but gets caught in a pop-up belly to belly suplex. Torture rack drop from Matanza, followed by a deadlift German suplex. Another suplex from Matanza and he nearly wins the matchup. Wrath of the Gods attempt but Mundo turns it into a crucifix bomb. Thrust kick and Moonlight Drive from Mundo. He climbs…End of the World with a cover…but Matanza gets a shoulder up! Both men are down.

Mundo tries to grab the gauntlet but Matanza grabs him and places him on the top ropes. HUGE GERMAN FROM THE TOP ROPE AND MUNDO LANDS ON HIS STOMACH. Both men fall to the ringside and Mundo hides underneath the ring. Matanza tries to chase him, but Mundo comes out the other end and grabs the gauntlet. Running shoulder block from Matanza and the gauntlet goes into the crowd. Matanza grabs it and tosses it to the top of the Temple! Mundo tries to climb the stairs to go after it but Matanza catches him. Superkick from Mundo but it has little effect. Mundo runs and climbs up to where the band is. Mundo tries to jump to where the gauntlet is but Matanza catches him and throws him off the wall. POWERBOMB ATTEMPT FROM THE TOP OF THE TEMPLE….MUNDO escapes. (OMG he would have died.) He climbs up again and gets the gauntlet, but Matanza chokeslams him through the Modelo truck entrance path. Mundo comes out wearing the gauntlet and punches Matanza down the steps!

Matanza is on the run now, terrified of Mundo wielding the power of the gauntlet. He baits Mundo in…WRATH OF THE GODS FROM MATANZA. MUNDO KICKS OUT!!!! Back on his feet, big punch to the gut from Mundo. Superman punch from Mundo. He climbs the top rope, and flips off Cueto with the gauntlet hand! Top rope superman punch from Mundo right on top of Matanza’s head. HE GOT EM.

Johnny Mundo wins by pinfall.

Johnny Mundo celebrates in the ring. Antonio Cueto can’t believe it.

Main event is next!

Backstage Johnny Mundo is walking around with the gauntlet. Aerostar shows up and says that they are even, asking for the gauntlet back. Mundo says he thinks he’ll hold onto it for a while. Aerostar says that the power is not enhancing him, but destroying him. Mundo looks at it for a while, but eventually takes it off and returns it to Aerostar. Mundo then says he is going to celebrate with his wife.

Shaul is in the ring and announces the main event between Pentagon Dark and Marty “The Moth” Martinez…and it’s a CERO MIEDO MATCH. Pentagon is out first, chair in hand. The champ is out next, also carrying a chair.


Marty Martinez versus Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship in a Cero Miedo match

Pentagon throws his chair at Marty as he approaches the ring and we are under way! Pentagon rushes outside and throws Marty right into the Temple chairs. Big leg kicks from Pentagon, and Marty is already busted open. Pentagon throws two trash cans into the ring filled with weapons. Trash can head shot from Pentagon and Marty is REALLY BLEEDING A LOT. Another irish-whip from Pentagon into the Temple chairs. Superkick from Pentagon. Marty counters a charing attack by hip-tossing Pentagon right into a table!

Marty throws Pentagon into the ring, grabbing his signature lunch box from under the ring. He rips Pentagon’s mask and opens the lunch box taking out a fork. (I shouldn’t have eaten before this.) Marty spikes the fork into Pentagon’s forehead and YES NOW HE IS BLEEDING A LOT TOO. Pentagon rolls to the outside but Marty pursues him and hits a jumping fist drop. Mary starts stacking chairs on top of Pentagon. Pentagon emerges and throws a chair at Marty again. Jumping Mexican Destroyer from Pentagon to the Temple floor! Pentagon throws Marty in the ring and covers him…Marty kicks out.

Pentagon takes out a baseball bat with barbed wire, but Marty low blows him! Marty puts Pentagon on the top rope in the tree-of-woe and puts the trash can on top of his head. He UNLOADS on the trash can with the bat crushing it on top of Pentagon’s skull. Marty takes out the gasoline. He pours it all over Pentagon with a lighter in hand. Marty taunts to the crowd giving Pentagon a chance to knock the lighter out of Marty’s hands. Standing big boot from Marty, he take the bat again, but Pentagon dodges and hip-tosses Marty through a table set up on the outside!

On the outside again, Pentagon hits a standing big boot, and throws Marty right through a glass mirror! Back in the ring Pentagon sets up a series of chairs in the center of the ring. He takes Marty on top of them…PACKAGE PILEDRIVER. Marty doesn’t kick out.

Pentagon Darks wins by pinfall to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

As soon as the match ends Pentagon tries to break Marty’s arm but Reklusa comes out to fend Pentagon off. She takes Marty to the back. Vampiro gets in the ring holding the LU championship, and presents it to Pentagon. Pentagon takes it and celebrates…BUT VAMPIRO KICKS HIM IN THE NUTS. PENTAGON RESPONDS WITH A LOW BLOW HIMSELF. They start fighting. A masked fighter gets in the ring and smashes Pentagon with a chair! At the top of the temple he hits a shooting star onto Pentagon!

The Gift of the Gods champion Jake Strong comes out! He grabs a microphone and tells Pentagon that Antonio Cueto told him he can cash-in whenever he wants. Marty Elias is in the ring…and it’s official.

Jake Strong versus Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship

Strong locks in the ankle lock and shatters Pentagon’s ankle. Pentagon passes out from the pain.

Jake Strong wins by referee stoppage becoming the new Lucha Underground champion.

Strong celebrates in the middle of the ring. Crowd boos.

Aerostar meets up with Dragon Azteca and King Cuerno. He says they must destroy the gauntlet. They give it to Black Lotus…who uses it to slay Matanza. She gives it back to Azteca. The champion Jake Strong appears and shatters Azteca’s ankle, and takes the gauntlet back…saying that it doesn’t belong to you…”IT BELONGS TO US.”

Mundo is backstage with Taya…who has been possessed by the demon doll. She attacks him…chokeslamming him onto the floor.

Antonio Cueto meets with the masked figure who attacked Pentagon. They say that all the Gods have taken human form. Strong gets in the ring with the gauntlet to inform Cueto that his son Matanza has been killed. A figure in the dark smoking a cigar emerges…IT’S BAD NEWS BARRETT. (?!#[email protected]?EWGRETEW)

Still not over…Aerostar brings the medallion to the grave of Dario Cueto. He revives him. Dario wakes up….HE SEEMS SKIDDISH… and screams… “What the f-“

That’s the show friends.