Recap of last week’s heavyweight championship match between Low Ki and Daga. The bout ended when Low Ki ripped off a part of Daga’s ear, and finished him with the top rope double-stomp.

Konnan runs into Low Ki entering Chicago’s Cicero stadium. Low Ki says he enjoys adding to his trophy case, and steadily awaits to do the same thing to Konnan. He tells Konnan that he can redeem himself…if he steps into the ring. Konnan responds by saying no, claiming that he hasn’t been training for years, and that if Low Ki was intelligent he would have asked for the match 10 years ago. Salina taunts Konnan by calling him an old ass bi**h. Konnan ends the segment by promising that if they keep running their mouths…Low Ki may get what he wants.

Fusion intro.

Promo from Tom Lawlor from earlier in the day. He calls out Low Ki and Sami Callihan for their cowardly attack on him at media day. He tells Callihan that he’ll take that baseball bat he used on him…and shove it right up his ass. Their Chicago Street fight is confirmed as tonight’s main event!

Also on the card…Joey Ryan teams with Swoggle to take on the Dirty Blondes.

Salina de la Renta walks out to the ring with Ricky Martinez for our evening’s first matchup. His opponent is already in the ring.

Dr. Rex Baccuss versus Ricky Martinez

Ricky, wearing a facemask to protect his broken nose, headbutts Rex to open things up. He wraps his legs around Rex’s head and slams it into the mat several times. Early pinfall attempt but Rex kicks out at one. Big forearm and big boot from Rex, but Ricky fires right back with an electric chair facebuster, followed by a deadlift german suplex. (Impressive showing of strength from Martinez.) Ricky with a modified piledriver…and that’ll do it.

Ricky Martinez wins by pinfall.

Commentary team wonders if Ricky Martinez will enter the middleweight title scene soon.

Flashback to Sami Callihan’s attack on Tom Lawlor at media day, with the assistance of a baseball bat.

Tag team bout is next.

Tom Lawlor is seen backstage training with Simon Gotch. They shadow box. Gotch says he has set up a press conference for Lawlor after he beats Sami. Lawlor responds by saying he wants to focus on the match before worrying about the press.

Dirty Blondes are on their way to the ring. Joey Ryan (in an arm sling) and Swoggle come out second. Joey and Swoggle hand out lollipops before the bout begins. Joey grabs a microphone and tells the Chicago crowd that he tore his pec muscle working an event last night in Austin. He says that he’s in pain…but that he wouldn’t miss a Chicago show with Swoggle for nothing.

Size Matters versus The Dirty Blondes

The Blondes attack Size Matters before the bell rings. Swoggle starts in the ring with Leo who wears him down in his team’s corner. Double-team by the Dirty Blondes. Swoggle finally lands a right hand…AND A GERMAN SUPLEX ONTO LEO!

Joey tags in and runs through Leo with lariats with his good arm. Superkick from Joey takes Leo out. Michael runs in but Swoggle cuts him off and lands a bronco buster on Michael in the corner! Leo shoulder blocks Swoggle but Joey takes advantage and sticks his hidden lollie in Leo’s mouth. Superkick! Frog splash from Swoggle. Pinfall…got em!

Size Matters wins by pinfall.

After celebrating Joey removes his sling and shows the audience his injury. (It looks disgustingly bruised.) He says that there’s a really good chance that he’ll need surgery, but that he’s happy he got to have his last match (for awhile) in Chicago.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo. He fires back at all of his online critics for being Promociones Dorado errand boy, saying that he likes to hurt people, and he likes to make money. He names off all the previous superstars that he’s vanquished, and claims that Tom Lawlor is next. He says he’s not afraid of Lawlor’s MMA experience, and promises to show everyone why he is the Callihand Death Machine.

Konnan is interviewed about coming out of retirement. He says he doesn’t like the comments being made by Low Ki or Salina de la Renta. Konnan asks Low Ki how he’ll respond after he beats him in his hometown.

MLW Never Say Never in Miami announces a couple matches. PCO takes on LA Park in a falls count anywhere matchup. Los Ingobernables de Japon member Rush takes on MJF.

At MLW Zero Hour (also in Miami) MJF defends his middleweight championship in a fatal-four way ladder match against Kotto Brazil, Jason Cade, and Marko Stunt.

Another promo from Tom Lawlor. He calls Callihan a troll, a chump, a punk. Gotch calms him down…and walks him to the ring.

Next week…Kotto Brazil versus Trey Miguel is announced. Shane Strickland versus Low Ki for the MLW heavyweight championship is also announced, with Strickland invoking his automatic rematch clause.

Kaci Lennox catches up with Shane Strickland backstage…he blows her off and refuses to do an interview.

Sami Callihan’s music hits and the Death Machine comes out. He tosses a chair into the ring already. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is out next.

Tom Lawlor versus Sami Callihan in a Chicago Street Fight

Callihan charges Lawlor at the entrance ramp with a kendo stick! Lawlor dodges and locks in a rear-naked choke. Callihan breaks the hold but Lawlor grabs the kendo stick and smashes Callihan over the back. Callihan responds by dumping a garbage pale on top of Lawlor. He disconnects a guard rail and uses it as a weapon. Callihan then places the garbage pale on top of Lawlor but Lawlor fights back! He throws the Garbage pale right at Callihan’s head. This is all still at the entrance path.

At ringside now…Lawlor uses his MMA striking and lays into Callihan with chest kicks. He grabs a chair and hits Callihan targeting the back. Another shot. Lawlor sets up four chairs close to slam Callihan on. On the apron Lawlor goes for a powerbomb but Callihan thumbs him in the eye. Piledriver on the apron from Callihan! He now has the advantage.

Chair shot from Callihan to Lawlor on the outside. He reaches under the ring and grabs a table. (Not a very big one.) Callihan sets it up off the guard rail and tries to powerbomb Lawlor…but Lawlor shifts his weight and locks Callihan in an ankle lock! A fan asks Tom to use her sign as a weapon…he does…smashing it over Callihan’s skull. Callihan fires back by tossing Lawlor right into the barricade. Big chop from Callihan. He brings Lawlor near the table again. He runs around the ring to gain momentum but Lawlor surprises him with a superman punch! Powerbomb attempt from Lawlor this time…but Callihan picks him up and DVD’s him right through the table!

Callihan goes under the ring and grabs a VHS and a railroad spike. He pokes Lawlor in the cheek with the spike, and then uses the fan’s sign to open up the wound. Callihan breaks open the VHS tape and wraps the tape around Lawlor’s neck. (Match is finally in the ring.) Lawlor begins to fade. Ref drops his arm once. Twice. Doesn’t drop the third time and Lawlor back body drops Callihan to break the hold. Lawlor grabs a table from the outside and brings it back into the ring and sets it up off the turnbuckle. He tries to powerbomb Callihan again but Callihan low blows him! Spike piledriver from Callihan. Lawlor kicks out of the pin attempt! Callihan is upset. He grabs a baseball bat and taunts Lawlor with his “thumbs up thumbs down” chant. Lawlor with a low blow in response! Both men are down.

In the center of the ring…both men trade stiff strikes. Callihan goes for a thrust kick but Lawlor catches and powerbombs him. Callihan tries to grab the bat but Lawlor steps on his hand and breaks the bat over his knee. He locks in the rear naked choke, but Callihan backs Lawlor up into the table breaking it! Lawlor is barely affected, and locks the choke in again. During the hold Lawlor grabs a piece of the broken bat and jams it into Callihan’s throat with the choke locked in. Callihan taps!

Tom Lawlor wins by submission.

Lawlor celebrates in the ring. Backstage Simon Gotch helps Lawlor to the press conference area. He brings him into a room…LOW KI, LA PARK, AND RICKY MARTINEZ ARE ALL WAITING. Gotch slams the door behind Lawlor and holds it shut. We hear Lawlor getting beat down by the assaulters while Gotch smiles to the camera.

That’s the show friends.