Nikki Bella Talks Difficulties Of Going Through John Cena Break-Up On Last Season Of Total Bellas

WWE superstar Nikki Bella was recently a guest on the In This Corner podcast. During the interview, she discussed how difficult it was to go through her breakup with John Cena during the last season of Total Bellas.


Bella and Cena broke up earlier this year after six years of dating. She said being in the public eye makes it harder to experience a heartbreak like that, but she knows that comes with the territory of being a reality television star.

"It's extremely difficult," Bella said. "I get text messages all of the time whether or not I am okay, or hey, my friend saw this headline and wanted to know if it was true; it's non-stop, and it is definitely hard, but that is why with Total Bellas me and Brie Bella are such an open book whether you like it or not, but we know how many people are going to sit on that couch and relate to us because some of them are going through the same stuff."

Bella admitted at one point she wanted the cameras to stop filming. She said she knew viewers of Total Bellas would be able to relate to what she was going through, so she was willing to put herself out there. She said that's why she's willing to bring up personal issues in her WWE storylines as well, because she knows other people are going through similar situations.


"I even showcased a lot what I went through on the previous season of Total Bellas I didn't tell the cameras to stop rolling even though I wanted them to," she said. "But I knew that a lot of women were going through that where they thanked me for making them feel like they weren't going through it alone and all of these different things, but then we get into the ring and go through these different storylines and people question why I would say certain things; am I really that person? It's like, no, let's just step back for a second and look at the situation, but that is why I really do take my storylines personal because I am a reality star now and I feel like that is a very big target for me when I do step into the ring and it's like, you know what, I might as well just bring it here because they are going to bring it up anyway so mine as well bring it to the storylines."

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Source: In This Corner

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.