Paige Says She Would Love To Be A Manager In WWE, Reveals She Wanted To Manage Ronda Rousey

This past April, in the exact same building where she won her first WWE Divas Championship, Paige announced her immediate retirement from in-ring competition, due to persistent neck injuries. Paige would appear the following night on Smackdown Live and announce that she had accepted the role as Smackdown Live's General Manager.

In a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, Paige discussed her transition from in-ring performer to General Manager and if there is anything she would change in her career so far.

"I wouldn't change a thing, because even the mistakes that I've made have made me into the person I am today," Paige said. "So, I wouldn't change a thing. Obviously, I wish I could wrestle but it took me down a journey now, where I'm Smackdown General Manager, and it's incredible. I get to work with the girls and the guys, I'm on every pay-per-view, I'm on every TV, ya know? So, it's good. I like it."

Although she hopes to see a day where she can wrestle once again, Paige holds firm in the belief that she's being utilized exactly how she should be. When her injury was compared to Daniel Bryan's, Paige noted that her injury is quite different.

"Well, I will fight every day to get back in to the ring," Paige said. "But, mine and (Daniel) Bryan's injuries are a little bit different. So, his is all stuff to do with his brain… like his concussions and stuff, while mine is spinal. Like, I have a spinal stenosis just like Edge does. And it's impossible for me to get back in the ring again unless it's like, maybe, 20 years' time."

Paige says that the likelihood of her returning to the ring any time soon is extremely low because, unlike Daniel Bryan, her injuries are irreversible and based at her spine. She noted that she is open to other roles with the company, however.

"I will do anything," she said. "Right now, I'm really happy being Smackdown General Manager. It's opened so many different doors and I get to do so many different characters just being Smackdown General Manager – I get to be a good guy, bad guy, I get to do whatever I want. I would love to be a manager – kinda like Paul Heyman, one day. I would love to do anything like that."

When asked about who she would manage if given any pick, Paige said, "Everybody! I wanted to manage Ronda at one point, but she doesn't need me!"


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