ROH Episode 371 Recap: Adam Page In Action, Jay Lethal & Gresham Vs. Liger & Kushida

- Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. So Cal Uncensored's Scorpio Sky makes his entrance. Adam Page make their entrances.

Adam Page vs. Scorpio Sky

They lock up. After an exchange of wrist-locks, Page hits a snapmare on Sky. Sky locks in a headlock, Page sends him to the ropes. Page hits a shoulder block on Sky. Page eventually connects with a boot to the face of Sky. Sky ducks a clothesline attempt by Page. Sky rolls Page up for a two count. Page connects with a forearm to Sky. Sky hits Page with a jumping knee strike. Page clotheslines Sky. Page hits the Rite Of Passage on Sky. Page pins Sky for the win.

Winner: Adam Page

- Shane Taylor and Eli Isom make their entrances.

Shane Taylor vs. Eli Isom

Taylor spins in the hand of Isom. Isom ducks a clothesline attempt by Taylor. Isom strikes Taylor several times. Isom connects with a knee strike to Taylor. Isom eventually dropkicks Taylor. Isom hits a Modified Slam on Taylor. Isom pins Taylor for a two count. Isom strikes Taylor. Taylor headbutts Isom. Taylor hits a Driver on Isom. Taylor pins Isom for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

- Taylor grabs a chair after the match. Taylor stomps on Isom in the corner. Taylor puts the chair around the neck of Isom. Cheeseburger runs to the ring. Cheeseburger strikes Taylor several times. Taylor strikes Cheeseburger. Taylor hits a Driver on Cheeseburger. Flip Gordon runs to the ring. Gordon takes Taylor to the mat with a spear. Gordon hits Taylor on the back with the chair several times. Gordon grabs a microphone. Gordon questions if this is what Bully wanted. Gordon says he will fight Bully anywhere anytime. Bully Ray comes out with a microphone in hand. Bully teases letting the fans choose the gimmick of a match between him and Gordon. Bully tells Flip that tonight's, he's getting absolutely nothing. Bully asks if Flip considers himself a betting man. Gordon responds that he bets he could kick Bully's a**. Bully tells Flip to show up at ECW Arena next week and to bring his best guy, and he will bring his best guy and if Flip's guy wins - he can do whatever he wants. Bully says that if his own guy wins, he gets to do whatever he wants to Flip. Gordon accepts the challenge. Bully Ray reveals Silas Young as his guy.

- Kenny King has joined the announce team. Jushin Thunder Liger & Kushida make their entrances. Jonathan Gresham & ROH World Champion Jay Lethal make their entrances.

Jushin Thunder Liger & Kushida vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham

Lethal and Kushida exchange waist-locks and wrist-locks. Later in the match, Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Kushida. Lethal pins Kushida for a two count. Lethal chops Kushida. Kushida connects with a running kick to Lethal. Liger tags in and ascends the turnbuckles. Liger hits a splash from off the top rope on Lethal. Liger pins Lethal for a two count. Gresham hits an Enziguri on Liger. Gresham hits an Enziguri on Kushida. Gresham hits Kushida with a knee strike at ringside. Liger rolls Lethal up for a two count. Lethal hits a Spinning Enziguri on Liger. Lethal hits his Lethal Injection finisher on Liger. Lethal pins Liger for the win.

Winners: Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal

- They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.


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