Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin participated in a fan Q&A session. Among many other things, Austin weighed in on the formation of The Hollywood Blonds in WCW with the late great Brian Pillman. Also, Austin recalled the “good old days” of traveling with Pillman and Raven.

On the subject of The Hollywood Blonds, Austin admitted that he was not happy about being put in a tag team back in 1993. While the ‘Stunning’ Steve and ‘Flyin” Brian found great success as a duo, the team was split up prematurely.

“I’m telling you, when I first got news that I was going to be in a tag team with Brian Pillman, I was not happy at all.” Austin remembered, “but we took that ramshackle tag team, turned it into The Hollywood Blonds, had great success in a short amount of time, got over, and then we got split up.”

Additionally, Austin divulged that he misses his departed friend, as Pillman passed away in 1997 as a result of arteriosclerotic heart disease. Austin, Pillman, and Raven traveled together in those Hollywood Blond days and were known as ‘The Comedy Trio’ backstage.

“I really miss Brian Pillman and I loved the days we would ride down the road together in a Chevy Lumina van with Raven, or Scotty Flamingo, or Scott Levy, whatever his name is. The Comedy Trio!” Austin continued, “man, those were the good old days, riding down the road, shooting the breeze, talking about the [pro wrestling] business, living the business, and going from town to town.”

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Source: The Steve Austin Show