Steve Austin Reveals The Worst WWE Angle He Ever Worked

Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin welcomed independent pro wrestling star WALTER to 317 Gimmick Street. During the podcast, Austin stated that getting run over was the worst angle he ever worked. Additionally, Austin shared his thoughts on 'The Ringmaster' name.

Austin asked whether WALTER, who is from Vienna, Austria, whether he had access to WWE programming growing up in Europe. WALTER confirmed that he watched WWE and became a fan around the time Austin was run down by Rikishi.

"What year was it when you got run over by that car?" WALTER asked.

"Yeah, about '99 because I had to get my neck fused. I was gone for about a year," Austin replied.

"That was the time when I started consciously watching [WWE]," WALTER said.

"Did you start crying when you saw me get hit by the car, WALTER?" Austin asked.

"I didn't start crying. I was super disappointed," WALTER responded.

According to Austin, getting run over was the worst angle he ever worked, but WWE needed a quick excuse to get him off of WWE TV.

"You caught the worst part of my career!" Austin exclaimed. "Me being clipped by a goddang car! s–t, that was the worst storyline I was ever involved in. But we had to come up with a way so that we could get my ass out of the way. That was 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, I had to get my neck fused up and that was a suck-ass angle."

During the interview, Austin claimed that 'The Ringmaster' name also "sucked ass".

"I had a similar gimmick, not gimmick." Austin continued, "I had a similar name [WALTER's 'The Ring General' nickname], 'The Ringmaster'. If you talk about bulls–t? Hey man, that gimmick sucked ass!"

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Source: The Steve Austin Show