Steve Austin Reveals Which WWE Legend Got Him To Buy A Custom Chopper, Why He Sold It

As previously noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin recently participated in a fan Q&A session on The Steve Austin Show. Among many other things, Austin talked about getting a custom West Coast Chopper with a few other WWE Superstars and what became of his motorcycle.

During the podcast, Austin recalled a time when Big Show convinced 'Stone Cold' to buy a custom chopper built by the famed Jesse James and West Coast Choppers. As the story goes, four WWE Superstars got a deal on custom bikes and one of the pro wrestlers backed out, so Show asked Austin if he was interested.

"Man, I think Harley Davidsons are pretty cool, but I remember when I had that West Coast Chopper built by Jesse James way back in the day when I lived in Malibu, California. Four of the guys from [WWE] are going to get custom choppers built [and] one guy dropped out. Big Show says, 'hey, Steve, we're all going to get choppers. They're going to give us a pretty good deal on them. Do you want one? West Coast Choppers, Jesse James is going build them.' I said, 'yeah, man. Sounds good.'" Austin continued, "two years later, I'm living out in Malibu, California. Here comes the delivery truck bringing this badass s--t. Man, I'm talking about a nine, 10-foot long chopper. Long ass front forks, black and metal flake flames on the gas tank, a skull in the middle of it. It was unbelievable."

According to Austin, he drove the chopper for three miles before turning around and deciding to sell it. 'The Bionic Redneck' was of the view that riding the custom chopper on the Pacific Coast Highway could be very dangerous.

"I didn't have my motorcycle license. I got on for about three miles down the Pacific Coast Highway right there on the damn ocean. And I did a big ass u-turn. I drove three miles back. They didn't even have a mirror on it. It didn't have a speedometer on it. It had a little bitty ass brake light on it about the size of my thumb. And then, my wife came outside, and we weren't married at the time, and she goes, 'well, what do you think? How is it?' I said, 'it's for sale!' And she says, 'what?' And I told her, I said, 'man,' I said, 'this bike is cool. It's badass. West Coast Choppers is the real deal, and those guys make art, and it's unbelievable, but, man, with no speedometer and a little bitty ass brake light, that long as front fork,' I told my wife, I said, 'there [are] a lot of things that are going to happen to me, but the one thing that's not going to happen to me is that you're not going to hear about me getting smoked by a car on the Pacific Coast Highway on a West Coast Chopper.'" Austin said, "so I sold the son of a b---h."

Austin divulged that he made $10,000 from the sale of the motorcycle and bought a tractor instead.

"I made $10,000." Austin shared, "I turned around, that was right after we bought the Broken Skull Ranch down there in Tilden, Texas and I bought a 105 horsepower Kubota tractor, Komodo tractor as my old producer used to say, with air conditioning and that's what we used to maintain the Broken Skull Ranch for the 10 years that I owned it."

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Source: The Steve Austin Show


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