The Rock Reveals Official Trailer For Paige "Fighting With My Family" Biopic

We have seen the evolution of Paige in WWE. Now, we have the opportunity to learn more about her and her family on the big screen. The Rock revealed the first trailer for the documentary, Fighting With My Family.

The film, produced by The Rock himself, discusses the life surrounding Paige's wrestling family, along with the journey her and her brother took to become pro wrestlers. If this seems familiar, that is because a documentary with the real family of Paige was produced many years ago. For months, The Rock was filming at several WWE shows, looking to make it authentic as possible. After a few delays, fans finally get to see what he, along with Stephen Merchant have been worked on.

This film comes months after Paige announced her retirement from pro wrestling. Florence Pugh plays Paige while Tessa Blanchard acts as her stunt double. Zelina Vega plays AJ Lee, while The Rock appears as himself.

Fighting With My Family is set to be released in February 2019.


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