Former Impact X Division Champion Trevor Lee recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and expressed interest in signing with WWE or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“I would love to go to WWE or New Japan,” Lee said. “I’ve done a lot in the United States in terms of big independent companies, I’ve wrestled in Mexico, Canada, England, and India, but I’d love to go to Japan.”

As we’ve noted, the 25 year old Lee is set to enter free agency after recently parting ways with Impact. His contract expires on December 31. It’s been reported that WWE has interest in signing Lee and there’s speculation on Lee being announced for the new WWE Performance Center Class in January.

Lee has had many much-talked-about matches on the indies, including matches in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla with Kevin Owens, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, WWE NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa and others. Lee said some of his best matches have not been seen on TV but he’s hungry to change that.

“The best work that I’ve ever done in my life has never been on TV,” Lee said. “My TV work has been to help the product, but outside of that is where you see the real Trevor Lee.”

Lee’s father, the late Tracy Caddell, co-founded the OMEGA Championship Wrestling promotion in 1997 with Matt Hardy. OMEGA helped launch the careers of The Hardys, Shane Helms and others. Lee noted that he has been practicing suicide dives with Jeff Hardy since age 4. The promotion helped him fall back in love with pro wrestling and helped him get through a tough time. Lee was very close with his father and is keeping him close in his heart as he prepares for what’s next in 2019. He said WWE is the dream.

“I’m not chasing my father’s dreams, but I do want to do something for him,” Lee said. “And it’s for me, as well. Ultimately, I would like to go to WWE. That’s the dream. It’s always something my father really wanted for me. He was actually an extra the first time the Hardy Boyz won the tag team titles in Fayetteville. He was an extra in the segment before that, the one with the APA. My father was very much in love with the business.”

Lee said he’s willing to try anything on the biggest stage of them all. He said he wouldn’t mind wrestling in the WWE 205 Live scene but he believes he can still compete with top guys like Finn Balor and WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins.