Vince McMahon's Alpha Entertainment Logo Opposed By Adidas, Stars With The Most Title Wins, R-Truth

- As seen above, the latest episode of WWE's "List This!" series with Vic Joseph looks at 5 Superstars with the most title wins, excluding the Hardcore Title. Christian has 19 wins, Triple H has 24 title wins, Chris Jericho has 24 wins, John Cena has 25 and WWE Hall of Famer Edge has a total of 31 title wins.

- Several of the companies owned by clothing & sneaker brand Adidas have asked the United States Patent & Trademark Office for more time to oppose the logo registered by Vince McMahon's Alpha Entertainment, which was created to relaunch the XFL in 2020. The argument is that the Alpha Entertainment logo could be seen as infringing on the Adidas logo. Adidas has until March 6, 2019 to file an opposition or ask for another extension.

- R-Truth is celebrating 100,000 streams for his "That'z Endurance" single on Spotify. He tweeted the following to promote the channel: