As previously noted, independent professional wrestling standout WALTER recently Ubered to 317 Gimmick Street for an interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin on The Steve Austin Show. Among many other interesting pro wrestling topics, WALTER talked about the how the partying has died down in pro wrestling.

According to WALTER, the partying in pro wrestling is way down now. Moreover, the Progress World Champion said he has not gotten drunk in pro wrestling for several years now.

"In general, I would think, as I experience it right now, I would think that the [pro] wrestlers now are more calmed down and more easy. And the [pro wrestling] business in general, is, like, I would call it 'healthy' when it comes to the 'party effect' of it." WALTER added, "here and there, when there's an occasion, you have a few beers, and spend more time at whatever place where you're eating, maybe it's a bar. For me, personally, I don't know. The last time I got drunk at wrestling was maybe six years ago or something, seven years ago."

In WALTER's opinion, even the drug choices in pro wrestling have gotten better, as performers may opt for cannibis over opioids and other dangerous substances.

"It's dangerous and I know it's dangerous to get stuck in it too." WALTER explained, "like, yeah, you have people now who overdo it, you always have them, but it's a personal choice. It's up to them. I don't want to judge them or anything. I just don't think it's the right thing to do for me. Also, when it comes to drugs and stuff, that I would think the drug choices are healthier now. I think people would rather smoke weed than do pills or anything dangerous and stuff like that, so that's something too."

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Source: The Steve Austin Show