As previously noted, independent pro wrestling star WALTER was a guest on The Steve Austin Show with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin. Among many other things, WALTER shared his opinion that pro wrestlers have it easier today than ever. Also, WALTER divulged whether his opponents complain about being on the receiving end of the bigman's infamous knife edge chops.

According to WALTER, pro wrestlers today have an easier time than ever getting fans to suspend their disbelief even though everyone knows it is a work.  

"I think it's easier for us than it ever was because, when I came up, the [pro] wrestlers were like, 'oh, we have to be 100% kayfabe.' Everybody already knew [it is a work]. Come on, guys. We all knew it, but now it's open. We can talk, like on a podcast, about how stuff works, and people know it, but people come to the shows and are like, 'I'm ready to believe it' and people don't come with the mindset anymore of, 'how can I find something to prove that it's not real?'" WALTER explained, "it's so easy now because people want to believe what we do."

With respect to WALTER's chops, 'The Ring General' [sorry, C.D.] divulged that he does not care about opponents complaining about his chops. Moreover, WALTER stated that his chops are safe, easy, and as over as many much flashier moves.

"Some people joke-wise complain, but I think they mean it." WALTER said, "but I don't care. Like, all the stuff I do to people is safe and easy. I would never do anything stupid dangerous or anything. I never ask anybody to take anything stupid. So, man, I think you'd rather take the big slap on the chest and we get the same reaction out of it as some of those crazy moves. It's way better. And with matches [Austin] watched with Zack [Sabre, Jr.] and PCO, those were matches where beforehand, it was like, 'let's go,' because Zack, for example, I've wrestled him so [many] times over the years. And as [Austin] for sure know[s], when you wrestle a friend of yours, you just go crazy a little."

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Source: The Steve Austin Show