If there is anything to know about Bill Dundee, it is that he was a prime figure in the age of Memphis Wrestling. A multi-time NWA and AWA Champion, Dundee has been around the best in pro wrestling throughout his career. One character who he’ll never forget is The Undertaker.

The one person Dundee never worked for is Vince McMahon, and he believes The Undertaker is the reason for it. Speaking in a shoot interview on The Hannibal TV, the former agent looked back at his failed relationship with The Deadman. No good memories were shared back in the old days.

“I don’t know why he didn’t like me. I think he’s the reason I never got past the front desk of Vince,” said Dundee. “He married a girl that I knew and there’s there’s no telling what she said to him about me, because the heat’s all on his end. “‘Mean’ Mark Callous doesn’t like me, I have never done anything to him that I know of.”

Joining USWA in the late 80’s, The Undertaker quickly rose in the ranks, eventually joining WWE in the 90’s. With help from an old friend, Dundee thinks there is more than meets the eye with this feud he and The Undertaker have.

“Big redheaded guy with freckles, when he was here (in the USWA) I tried to help him,” Dundee continued. “Dutch Mantell and him were buddies, maybe Dutch can tell you why The Undertaker doesn’t like Dundee.”

Dundee is still somewhat active in the wrestling scene today, while The Undertaker continues to make sporadic appearances for Vince’s WWE.

Source: The Hannibal TV