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Show opens with 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick running down the evening’s card. Noam Dar takes on Mike Kanellis for the first time ever (according to Maverick). Hideo Itami returns in action for the first time since his Falls Count Anywhere loss to Mustafa Ali. Finally…the main event will see cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy team up with Tony Nese to battle the team of Mustafa Ali and former champion Cedric Alexander.

205 Live intro.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Mike Kanellis is already on his way to the ring for the first bout of the night. His wife, Maria, is with him. Flashback to last week when Mike attacked the Lucha House Party with a chair thanks to a distraction from Maria.

Noam Dar is out next. Here we go.

Noam Dar versus Mike Kanellis

Tie-up. Kanellis forces Dar into the corner. Shin kick from Dar sends Kanellis to the floor. He chases after but Kanellis takes advantage of a Maria distraction to gain the advantage. Snap-suplex on the floor! Kanellis throws Dar back in the ring and wretches in a chin-lock. Dar escapes…doges a crossbody…hits a dropkick.

Dar opens up on Kanellis with a series of strikes, including a big European uppercut. Nice sequence of counters from both men…spinebuster from Kanellis. Lucha House Party comes out. They distract Kanellis and the referee…Kalisto attacks Kanellis and Dar hits the shining wizard. That’s it!

Noam Dar wins by pinfall

Backstage Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa are sparring, trying to build up their chemistry as a team.

Promo from Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher. They call out Kendrick for becoming a pitiful, loathsome, cumberground. (Gallagher explains what a cumberground is.) Gulak calls Kendrick a homeless Leonardo Dicaprio. He promises that he will tap Kendrick out next week. Match is made official.

Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese are seen game-planning for the main event.

Commercial break for the WWE Network. (Only 9.99 a month in case you didn’t know.)

Hideo Itami makes his way out. His opponent, Levy Cruise, is already in the ring. (Wonder what that means.)

Hideo Itami versus Levy Cruise

Hideo immediately strikes Cruise with a standing big boot. He screams at the crowd for respect. Kitchen-sink knee and a kick to Cruise’s back. He hangs Cruise off the ropes…climbs to the top…flying knee to the back of the neck. Series of strikes from Itami knocks Cruise out in the corner. Basement dropkick…and his twisting knee finisher…and that’s all.

Hideo Itami wins by pinfall

Post match Hideo continues to pound on Cruise. Ariya Daivari comes out! Commentary reminds us that it’s been 7 months since he’s last been seen on 205 Live. He walks to the ring, has a staredown with Itami, and then attacks Cruise! Daivari yells at Hideo to attack Cruise…he does, nailing Cruise with another big boot. Daivari tells Hideo that he respects him…and they shake hands.

TJP is backstage talking with Drake Maverick. He wonders why he hasn’t gotten a shot at the cruiserweight championship. Maverick says it’s because he lost to Gran Metalik last week, and that unless he earns his shot, he won’t receive one.

Mike and Maria Kanellis interrupt. Mike wants to put an end to the Lucha House Party, and says that TJP will help him. Maria asks for a Tornado Tag match. Maverick grants it to them. It’s made official for next week.

Cedric Alexander is seen preparing for the main event, which is next!

Advertisement for 365 (profiling AJ Styles and his epic WWE Championship run). Advertisement for tonight’s NXT.

Mustafa Ali is on his way out first. His partner, Cedric Alexander, is out second.

The Premier Athlete Tony Nese and The champ Buddy Murphy follow. Main event time.

Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese versus Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander

Cedric and Nese begin. Tie-up. Nese shoves Cedric into the corner and then taunts him by flexing his muscles.

Another tie-up. Cedric and Nese trade hammerlocks, but Cedric wins the encounter by taking Nese down. Waist lock from Cedric, but Nese lands the first strike with a big elbow. Cedric fires right back with a headscissor takedown, followed by a dropkick.

Ali tags in. Double-basement dropkicks from Cedric and Ali onto Nese. Nese pushes Ali into his team’s corner and the champ tags in. Ali catches him with a frankensteiner and a dropkick. Cedric tags in…Murphy flees and quickly tags Nese in.

Cedric works over Nese, draping him off the second rope and punting him. Buddy tags Nese but Cedric doesn’t see it. Cedric bounces off the ropes and Buddy surprises him with a thrusting knee to the head.

Now in full control, Nese and Buddy work over Cedric, targeting the neck and lower back. Nese locks on a bodyscissor. Double-team from Buddy and Nese but Cedric escapes and tags Ali in!

Ali comes in hot with a top rope dropkick to both men. Nese rolls to the outside.Head kick and roll-through facebuster from Ali to Buddy. Sunset flip, but Ali transitions into a powerbomb attempt…and hits it! Cover but only two! Ali and Buddy trade strikes. Tornado DDT attempt but Buddy catches him and tosses him off the ropes. Big boot from Buddy…Nese holds the ropes and Ali tumbles hard to the arena floor.

Back in the ring Nese stomps Ali down. Buddy comes in and does the same. The champ taunts Cedric on the apron. Suplex attempt from Buddy but Ali cradles him! Two count! HUGE LARIAT from Buddy and Ali is out. Nese tags back in and the heels double team Ali..but Ali dodges the attack and they run into each other! Ali crawls to Cedric but Buddy pulls him off before the tag can be made. Nese takes advantage and destroys Ali with a running reverse elbow. Ali mounts another comeback, countering a combo from Buddy and lands a big reverse kick. He makes the tag!

Cedric runs through Nese and Buddy with a series of quick offensive strikes. Step through flatliner from Cedric to Nese. He goes to the apron but Nese cuts him off with an open palm strike! They set up Cedric for a doomsday device, but Cedric shifts his weight and pushes Tony into Buddy on the top. Ali tags in…he and Cedric climb for a double-superplex attempt. ALI AND BUDDY FALL OFF THE TOP. (Definitely not planned. Murphy’s head hit right off the post.)

Cedric tosses Nese to the outside…TOPE CON HILO! Buddy and Ali back in the ring. Another thrust knee from the champ…he goes for Murphy’s law but Ali rolls him up! Two count! Jumping tornado DDT from Ali. Cedric tagged in. Lumbar check! GOT EM!

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali win by pinfall

Cedric and Ali celebrate in the ring. Vic Joseph exclaims that the champ has been pinned, possibly setting up a future title shot for Alexander, who was denied his championship rematch because he was on a losing streak. Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese walk up the ramp…Murphy angrily stares down Alexander.

That’s the show folks.