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Tonight features: Lars Sullivan vs. Keith Lee, Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne, EC3 in action against Marcel Barthel, and The Mighty vs. Lorcan & Burch.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. The Mighty

Thorne and Burch start off the match, shove by Thorne, and Burch instantly works the arm. Quick tags between Lorcan and Burch, they continue to focus on the shoulder until Thorne hits an uppercut. Miller tagged in, Lorcan with an uppercut, roll-up, two. Single leg crab by Lorcan, but Miller gets to the bottom rope. Miller out to the floor, Thorne with a distraction, Miller with an attack from behind, belly-to-back suplex and in comes Thorne. Burch with his hand out for a tag, Thorne kicks at his hand, crowd boos. Miller wrenches on Lorcan’s neck, clubbing forearms to Lorcan’s back. Thorne tagged back in, double side russian leg sweep, Thorn with a low clothesline, cover, two. Lorcan really needs to tag out as he chops away at Thorne’s chest.

Lorcan finally gets away and tags in Burch who unleashes on both opponents. Lorcan with a missile dropkick from the second rope, kip-up, Lorcan tagged in, they look to finish the match, Miller sends Lorcan into Burch. Miller and Burch go crashing out to the floor. Lorcan with a back up, but Thorne follows up with a dropkick. Overhead half and half suplex, Lorcan with a slow rotation flip over the top rope to take out The Mighty. Throne brought back in the ring, Lorcan heads to the top rope, but Burch gets thrown into him. The Mighty lift Lorcan, throw him into Burch. They lift Lorcan again, Burch with a spear, Lorcan rolls up his opponent, 1-2-3.

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch via Pinfall

– Post-match, The Mighty destroy Lorcan and Burch. Lorcan gets launched into the ring post as the crowd chants “you still suck!” to The Mighty.

– Last month, EC3 was able to roll-up Adam Cole in a singles match, but gets beat up afterwards by the entire group, especially Bobby Fish, who used a chair on EC3.

– Two weeks ago at NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Shayna Baszler retaining the NXT Women’s Championship against Kairi Sane.

– Backstage, Sane, Dakota Kai, and Io Shirai spoke to the media. Sane was asked about her shoulder potentially being up during that final pin, Sane says the referee’s call is final, but she’s not done with Baszler. Kai says she and Shirai are not going to stand for Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir getting involved. Shirai says they wants all three.

EC3 vs. Marcel Barthel

Bit of a stalemate early on, EC3 gets in a headlock until he’s back into the corner. Barthel with a kick to the head and he stomps away on EC3 in the corner. EC3 gets dropped again and Barthel gets up on the second rope and taunts the crowd a bit. “USA!” chant from the crowd. Barthel plants EC3 to the mat, cover, two. EC3 is able to recover, hit the one percenter, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: EC3 via Pinfall

– Post-match, EC3 gets on the mic and tells Bobby Fish he didn’t finish the job when he tried to take him out. EC3 says he’s coming for Fish’s head, knees, and everything between.

– Backstage, Keith Lee getting ready for his match against Lars Sullivan.

– Vignette for Dijakovic who is training in the gym and using a “feast your eyes” catchphrase.

– Earlier this week, Candice LeRae is asked about what’s going on with Johnny Gargano and her thoughts on Nikki Cross. LeRae doesn’t say anything and just walks into the building.

Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne

Yim looks for a handshake, Borne shakes it and slaps her in the face. Yim charges, Borne gets in the ropes though to keep her away. Yim with a couple armdrags on Borne. Borne yanks Yim down to the mat by the hair. Borne taunts him, but gets dropped and Yim swings away. Borne hangs on the apron as Yim tries to pull her into the ring. Referee has to fix the apron and Borne with a thumb to the eye. She swings away on Yim in the corner and slams her face into the second turnbuckle. Crowd with a “Let’s go Mia!” chant.

Borne with a bronco buster across the back of Yim’s neck. Borne continues to swing away and hits a spinning suplex, cover, two. Yim with an armbar, but Borne gets to the bottom rope. Yim gets sent into the second turnbuckle again, but she’s able to lock in the tarantula submission, Yim with a couple big kicks, dropkick, another dropkick that sends Borne into the corner. Yim with eat defeat, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Mia Yim via Pinfall

– Earlier this week, War Raiders are said to be banged up from their WarGames match and we’ll get an update on them in the coming weeks.

– Backstage, Lars Sullivan getting psyched up for his match against Keith Lee.

– Random location, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa says he told everybody he’ll be the most dangerous s.o.b. in the industry and he would only need one opportunity to take the title. Ciampa says next week when he shows up, he wants the NXT Universe to do one simple thing: follow his lead.

Keith Lee vs. Lars Sullivan

Both run into each other in the middle of the ring, but neither man moves much at first. Lee looks to leap over Sullivan, but gets caught and driven into the corner. Sullivan talks some trash while trying to choke Lee, but Lee shoves his hand back and swings away on Sullivan. Lee looks for a pounce, but ends up getting dropped by Sullivan. Lee with a running crossbody, cover, barley a one-count. Lee gets sent to the apron, looks to slingshot in and gets kicked in midair.

Sullivan drives Lee back into the corner, big forearm to the chest, spear in the corner. Sullivan lifts and tosses Lee, cover, barely a one-count. Lee sits up, Sullivan with a sliding clothesline, Sullivan on the second rope, falling headbutt, cover, two-count. Sullivan with some more clubbing forearms to Lee’s head. Sullivan trying to wear Lee down with a submission, Lee backs Sullivan into the corner. Sullivan with a splash in the corner, goes for another, nobody home and he crashes into the ring post. Crowd with a “Lee!” chant. Lee with a couple punches, gets sent into the apron again, hits a slingshot crossbody, cover, two. Sullivan and Lee with back and forth shots, Lee with a double chop to the chest, Lars with shots to the back of Lee’s head. Lee with a pounce that sends Sullivan out to the floor, twisting crossbody to the floor! Back in the ring, Lee looks for a moonsault, misses, Sullivan with a freak accident for the victory.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via Pinfall