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Drake Maverick recaps the newest 205 rivalry between Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak after Gulak kicked Kendrick out of his faction almost a month ago. Last week Gulak promised to tap Kendrick out in tonight’s matchup. Also scheduled for the evening, the Lucha House Party will battle TJP and Mike Kanellis in a Tornado Tag main event.

205 Live intro.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the most exciting hour on television. Drew Gulak is already on his way to the ring, accompanied by Jack Gallagher. Commentary informs us that cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy will be addressing the WWE Universe later on. Brian Kendrick is out next with Akira Tozawa and our opening bout is underway.

Brian Kendrick versus Drew Gulak

Tie-up. Kendrick locks on an early headlock but Gulak breaks it by pushing him up to the ropes. In the second exchange Gulak snags on the headlock but Kendrick escapes. Stalemate to begin. A third-lockup leads to a series of blocks and counters. Gulak lands the first strike with a standing lariat knocking Kendrick to the ground. Early cover attempt but Kendrick kicks out with ease. Gulak applies an early submission to wear Kendrick down for the Gu-Lock. Leg DDT from Gulak to Kendrick’s ankle, the same ankle that he was out injured with. Kendrick fires back with a tiger german suplex, followed by a series of big boots, but Gulak catches him with a powerbomb, and immediately transitions into a single-leg crab targeting the injured ankle. Kendrick eventually breaks the hold.

Back on their feet, Gulak snatches on a side headlock. Kendrick bounces off the ropes and lands a single leg dropkick but Gulak goes after the ankle again to regain the advantage. Big powerslam and elbow drop from Gulak and he’s in full control.

Kendrick finally mounts some offense, winning a fist exchange with Gulak in the center of the ring. Out of nowhere Kendrick locks in the Bully Choke on Gulak in the center of the ring, but somehow he gets to the ropes. Full Nelson German from Kendrick. He goes for the Bully Choke again but Gulak escapes and gets tossed to the outside. Jack Gallagher pushes Tozawa on the outside into the ring post distracting Kendrick. Roll-up by Gulak! Two count! Sliced Bread by Kendrick…he has the match won but Gallagher runs in to attack.

Brian Kendrick wins by disqualification

Afterwards Gallagher and Gulak put a beatdown on Tozawa and Kendrick, including Gulak putting Kendrick in the Gu-Lock, and a huge headbutt knockout from Gallagher onto Tozawa.

Flashback to last week’s main event, when Cedric Alexander pinned champion Buddy Murphy in tag-team action. (Cedric teamed with Mustafa Ali to take on Murphy and Tony Nese.)

Drake Maverick is with the champ. Maverick calls him one of the most polarizing figures in the cruiserweight division. He informs Murphy that he’ll be defending the title against the former champion Cedric Alexander. Murphy claims that it took both Cedric and Ali to defeat him last week, and that if Cedric were man enough…he’ll accept the challenge for next week, and they’ll let Drake Maverick determine the winner. (As a ref I’m assuming.)

Ariya Daivari is out for the second matchup of the night. He made his return last week to assist Hideo Itami beatdown a local talent, and tell Itami that he respects him. His opponent, Clay Roberts, is already in the ring.

Ariya Daivari versus Clay Roberts

Daivari opens up on Roberts with stiff strikes, beating him down in the corner. Irish-whip reversed by Roberts, but Daivari responds with a standing kick to the head. Backstage, Hideo Itami is watching Daivari compete. (In the classic awkward side watching television stance.) Back in the ring Daivari hits his lock-up clothesline. He goes for the pin but he lets Roberts up. Another clothesline with cover. He lets him up again. Daivari then clotheslines Roberts repeatedly until the referee stops the bout.

Ariya Daivari wins by referee stoppage

Itami is impressed watching Daivari’s onslaught.

Backstage Mustafa Ali cuts a promo. He says that “we all fall, but we must all get back up.” Ali states that he couldn’t get the job done at Survivor Series, but that whoever becomes champion next…will fall to him.

Cedric gets interviewed. He responds to Buddy Murphy’s earlier comments, saying that his third-grade mind games won’t separate him from his friend Mustafa Ali, and that next week he’s ready to become a two-time cruiserweight champion.

Noam Dar sends a video directly to Buddy Murphy, saying that he cost him a matchup against Tony Nese. He challenges Murphy to a matchup, and says he doesn’t even care if the the title is on the line.

Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Lince Dorado) is on their way to the ring, which means it’s main event time! They toss out merchandise to the WWE Universe. Mike Kanellis is out next, along with his wife Maria. Out last…TJP.

Mike Kanellis & TJP versus Lince Dorado & Kalisto

All four go at it. (Remember tornado rules.) Dorado and Kalisto win the opening exchange, tossing TJP out, and double-teaming Kanellis with some tandem offense. TJP comes back in but runs into an assisted dropkick that sends him outside again. Dorado climbs the top and nails TJP and Kanellis with a huge crossbody. Lucha House Party has the early momentum. While Dorado plays up to the crowd Kanellis surprises him with a spinebuster onto the outside. A distraction from Maria helps TJP hit a dropkick to Kalisto on the apron. Maria angrily steps on the Lucha House Party’s pinata that they brough to ringside.

Now in control, TJP and Kanellis target Dorado, stomping on the luchadores face. Kalisto tries to mount a comeback on the outside but Kanellis sweeps his leg and he crashes into the barricade. Dorado however, breaks up a double-clothesline and lands a springboard stunner to both TJP and Kanellis! Kalisto explodes into the ring and lights up TJP with springboard attacks and his signature corkscrew plancha. TJP counters an attack and locks Kalisto in an STF, tearing at the mask while doing it! Powerslam from TJP. Nigel McGuinness jokes that if TJP does get Kalisto’s mask off, we’ll see how ugly Kalisto is. Percy Watson argues back.

TJP locks in his kneebar in the center of the ring on Kalisto, but the little man somehow gets to the ropes to break the hold. (Kanellis and Dorado have been down on the outside this whole time.) Kanellis comes back in but eats a kick to the head from Kalisto. TJP climbs to the top but Kalisto cuts him off with an enziguri. Superkick from Kalisto to Kanellis…he climbs up to TJP…frankensteiner and TJP goes into Kanellis! Dorado comes back in and nails Kanellis with a superkick of his own, followed by three straight moonsaults! Cover but TJP breaks it up! (Wow what action!)

Kalisto and Dorado impersonate the Dudley Boyz as Dorado yells at Kalisto to…”GET THE PINATAS.” (Lolz). Dorado lays them all up in the center of the ring. TJP Tries to suplex Dorado on them but he counters. Double superplex attempt from Lucha House Party onto TJP but Kanellis breaks it up. Tower of Doom spot…thwarted! They toss Kanellis to the outside…superplex to TJP on the pinatas! Cover…but Kanellis breaks it up!

Now just Kalisto and TJP in the ring, frankensteiner attempt from Kalisto but TJP turns it into a sit-out powerbomb. Kalisto kicks out! Kanellis throws TJP another Pinata to use but Kalisto gets a hold of it. Maria jumps up on the apron but Kalisto tosses it at her knocking her off! TJP from behind…Kalisto nails him with the Salida del Sol kicking Kanellis in the process. Dorado climbs and nails the shooting star press on TJP…that’s all.

Lucha House Party wins by pinfall

Dorado and Kalisto celebrate in the ring.

Noam Dar against Buddy Murphy in a non-title bout is announced for next week. Also announced, Cedric Alexander versus Tony Nese.

Tony Nese is backstage saying that the last time he faced Cedric Alexander he not only defeated him, but nearly broke him. He promises that after next week, he’ll dismantle Alexander to a point where he’ll never recover.

That’s the show friends.