AroLucha Headed To POP TV?

New information regarding the future of AroLucha on Pop is now known. A source has confirmed to PWInsider that AroLucha's commercials were not added to the broadcasts by POP itself, but rather were supplied by Impact Wrestling in the final copies of the episodes sent to the network.

This means, although it is possible AroLucha Wrestling could eventually strike some sort of deal with POP, the commercials were not owned by POP and they are not an indication of any future plans between the two.

Also reported by PWInsider earlier this year, Aroluxe, the company behind AroLucha, had been providing funds to help continue tapings for Impact Wrestling in exchange for a percentage of ownership of the company. They were actually in a position to claim ownership over Impact, had Dixie Carter not kept up with regular payments reimbursing Aroluxe for their contributions.

Instead, Anthem became an investor and took control of Impact Wrestling when they called in the debt that Carter's Impact Ventures LLC had accumulated through loans provided by Anthem. Aroluxe was shut out as a result and were unable to continue as Impact Wrestling's production company.

AroLucha planned to tape "season one" of their TV series in 2018, but that's obviously not the case at this point in the year. They hired former Impact Wrestling Chief Strategy Officer Eric Sherman to lead their distribution efforts.

AroLucha's pilot TV taping took place in Nashville, Tennessee but the company has since run live events around Texas, featuring talents such as LAX, Shane "Hurricane" Helms, Chavo Guerrero Jr., James Storm, Taya Valkyrie, Lady Apache, Steve Pain, and Mascarita Dorada. Konnan is head of creative control, Shane Helms works as a producer behind the scenes, and Rey Mysterio is known to be a minority owner of the promotion.

Below was one of the commercials that aired on POP.

Source: PWInsider


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