Bella Twins Celebrate Milestone, Andre The Giant Footage, Baron Corbin Talks WWE Ghost Hunting Show

- Above, Nikki and Brie Bella celebrated two million subscribers on their YouTube channel. A bunch of clips from previous videos are shown while Nikki and Brie do some rapping about making to their two million milestone.

- Baron Corbin appeared on Dread Central's The Who Goes There Podcast to talk this year's Summer of '84, other recent horror releases, and his ghost hunting show on the WWE Network. About the show, Corbin was asked if he was the one who pitched the idea to WWE.

"One-hundred percent? Who's idea do you think that was?" Corbin joked. "I pitched it because we need stuff for the [WWE] Network all the time. I'd pitched this idea for kind of a ghost hunters show, we did two episodes, and they both aired. But they're getting such fantastic little review that they want to do more, they want to do a live episode at one time, so that will be fun. If we can't, I'm going to do it on my Twitch stream."

- Founder of The Pro Wrestling Spotlight Radio Show and Weekend of Champions Conventions, John Arezzi, tweeted out some footage he shot of Andre the Giant in the early 70s at Madison Square Garden. The video below features Andre going against Professor Tanaka and the photos are from his MSG debut.