Beth Phoenix On Performing In The First WWE Women's Ladder Match, Her Favorite Matches

In an era where women's wrestling in WWE wasn't taken as seriously as it is today, Beth Phoenix became a game-changer. A four-time women's champion, Beth has been able to do some incredible things with the company.

Outside of actually wrestling, "The Glamazon" has had opportunities to provide commentary for WWE. She recently did so for WWE's Evolution PPV. Prior to the event, Beth spoke to Planeta Wrestling about a variety of topics. While she competed in various one-on-one matches, Beth loved to compete in stipulation matches. The Hall of Famer hopes to one day change the perception of women in those bouts.

"I always liked the ones that were outside the box, a little dangerous," Beth stated. "I really enjoyed having the opportunity to compete in the first women's ladder match. We did that in OVW and that was really groundbreaking at the time. I was really proud to have the opportunity do put something out there that hadn't been done by the women. I also look forward to the day when we're no longer doing groundbreaking things, where the women are just equal with the men, we're a part of the show, and we don't have to constantly say, 'this is the first-ever' because we're already there."

Beth Phoenix also discussed her favorite match, noting that there were three that stood out to her. One of them includes one of the most memorable spots in WWE history.

"I would say myself v. Eve Torres at Madison Square Garden, that was really special," Beth continued. "We had a championship match there, and we did a top rope Glam Slam at the end. She's a friend of mine and that match meant a lot to us, we worked really hard together.

"Natalya and myself, we had a really special match on SmackDown, a one-on-one wrestling match, which we didn't have our entire career's together, despite our friendship. It was just a regular one-off match on SmackDown with no special stipulation, but it was just in Buffalo in my hometown. That meant a lot to me.

"I wrestled Mickie James in London. We had this really great rivalry up to that point, it was a really special match. I remember the feeling of the finish of that match; I remember the feeling that the entire crowd blew up. I've never had that feeling before in wrestling. I cried in the locker room with her, I said, 'Wow that's why I got into the business, that's why I wanted to do this.' I'll never forget that moment and how special it felt."

Source: Planeta Wrestling


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