For people who work in the professional wrestling business, dating and relationships can be difficult. WWE broadcaster Charly Caruso was recently on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia and she discussed the hardships she has faced in her dating life.

Caruso said she has found it hard to open up to people because she comes from a broken home, as her parents got divorced. She also finds it difficult to date in big cities because most people are career-oriented and don’t put much effort into their relationships.

“I think it has created a little bit of a barrier because when I meet someone I am pretty guarded, and I don’t know if it’s necessarily because we have past experiences where we have our defenses up, but I think part of me isn’t used to seeing these healthy and strong relationships so I am almost like, well, is it possible for me to have one? I know that dating and having relationships are so much different with technology and social media that it is – just trying to date in this era, especially in New York City is just a trip,” Caruso said. “I think a lot of people in these places were all so focused on themselves and career-driven that relationships end up taking a backseat. Whereas, middle-America a lot of people are used to settling down at earlier ages, and that is kind of like one of their plans where they want to get married and have kids, which becomes their primary priorities whereas in these big cities like New York and Los Angeles you see people settling down much later so dating is very wild.”

Caruso said being in the pro wrestling business has not made it any easier on her. She usually deals with jealousy and insecurity from her partner because of how much she is on the road. People automatically think that she is romantically involved with wrestlers. Caruso said being in this business requires a partner who is secure with themselves and who understands what her job entails so they won’t have any issues.

“Just to be with someone who can understand what you are going through, I mean, it is a lifestyle that not a lot of people cannot handle,” Caruso said. “You have to be very secure with yourself. I have guys that I have dated and they’re like, ‘So, are you hooking up with the wrestlers?’ Like, okay, just relax, if you are my boyfriend there is nothing to worry about. You shouldn’t have to worry about other people or be intimidated. They say things like, ‘Well, you are around all these attractive people all the time.’ Or, when I worked at a news station where I was around people from the NFL and the NBA, and guys would tell me that they wouldn’t like that I would be around those people, but I would say that it is my job and you don’t really have a say in it and this is how it is going to be.”

Caruso added that she had discussed this topic with Paige, who broke up with her boyfriend recently. Caruso said that while she feels that some men say that they want a strong and confident woman, they end up resenting them for being just that.

“You would have to be around a strong guy who is very secure with himself, also just supportive of what you are doing,” Caruso stated. “I was just having this conversation with someone the other day, it was Paige because she just broke up with her boyfriend just recently, and I told her, you know, every guy says that they want this strong and confident woman and that is what they love about you, but it is only a matter of time where they start resenting you for that, and they can’t keep up with you and that they don’t like that you are so dominant or so successful because then it makes them feel less secure, which isn’t the case for everybody, but with my past experiences that has how it has been for most of the time.”

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Source: Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.