Chris Jericho Talks The Undertaker Texting Him A Smiling Emoji, The Elite Wanting Neville For ALL IN

Recently on Talk Is Jericho, WWE Superstar Sami Zayn spoke with professional wrestling icon Chris Jericho. During the show Jericho talked about the importance of staying in character. Also, Jericho and Zayn discussed PAC, formerly WWE's [Adrian] Neville, and his recent return to the independent scene.

As Jericho and Zayn discussed that certain performers should not use social media in light of their characters, Jericho divulged that The Undertaker once sent him a smiley face emoji.  

"I still feel strange whenever Axl [Rose] tweets," Jericho admitted. "He shouldn't be tweeting. It's like The Undertaker sent me a smiley face emoji once. I'm like, 'The Undertaker should not be doing that.'"

With respect to PAC, Zayn noted that the former Neville is doing well on the indies. Zayn shared that PAC told him there is a lot of money available on the indies now. Zayn went on to suggest that PAC's lack of desire for money may have been part of the reason he did not fit in at WWE.

"Yeah, he seems like he's really happy! I love him. I love him. And I've got a lot of respect and a lot of love for Neville, man. Do you know what? And he told me straight up the indies aren't what they were when I left just five years ago." Zayn added, "there wasn't as much money on the indies and I did really well by indie standards for the time right before I signed [with WWE]. But he was telling me straight. He was like, 'man, there's a lot of money being offered in a lot of directions,' but he [has] never been an overly money-driven guy. That's maybe why he didn't fit in the WWE system that much because the culture here is very much like, overly ambitious, and success, and money, and that has to be what take you to the next level. He [has] never really been like that."

Zayn went on to explain that PAC, the high flyer, would like nothing more than to be a postal worker.  

"It's funny," Zayn began. "There are millions of people who dream of being in our position and his dream is being a postman. That's the kind of dude he is! He's a world famous pro wrestler. His dream is just being a mailman. He just wants to walk around, deliver the mail, he wants a simple life. He's a simple guy, and, yeah, he loves wrestling. He really does. It's not to say he won't work other places or take any money. You need money to live and all that, but he's not the type to sell his soul, so to speak, for an extra few bucks."

Also, during the talk of PAC, Jericho mentioned that The Elite wanted PAC for ALL IN; however, he declined, wanting to make his first non-WWE appearance for the Dragon Gate promotion. 

"They tried to get him to go to ALL IN, like, over-the-top, and he wouldn't do it," Jericho claimed. "He wanted to make his debut for Dragon Gate."

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Source: Talk Is Jericho