D-Lo Brown Has Advice For Prospects Looking For A Wrestling School

D-Lo Brown is best known for his time in WWE's Nation of Domination, but he's also seen as one of the brightest minds in the wrestling business. After leaving WWE and transitioning into a backstage role, Brown served as a road agent for Impact Wrestling before becoming a wrestling trainer.

Just like fellow NOD member, The Godfather, Brown has settled in Las Vegas where he trains wrestling hopefuls. He discussed the school and what else he has going on when he talked with Michael Wiseman of Wrestling Inc. at WrestleCade.

"I have a wrestling school out in Vegas with myself, Sinn Bodhi and Jake Roberts called The Snake Pit," said Brown. "We train people from beginners all the way up to wrestlers who are polished and want a little more critiquing.

"So, other than that: hang out with the fans, interact at these conventions, come out and have fun."

The Snake Pit works on wrestlers with everything from in-ring psychology to cutting promos to match breakdown. They touch on every aspect of what it takes to become not only a technically-sound wrestler, but also an engaging character.

Brown was asked about other wrestling schools he would recommend if they can't get out to Vegas, and also would he would specifically look for in a wrestling school.

"I would say find yourself a school with a reputation of not only professionally training you, but having the ability to get connections to send people out of their school," stated Brown.

"On the east coast I would say either The Dudley School or The Monster Factory. If you want to go out west, we have a nice school and in Canada it's Lance Storm [Wrestling Academy]. But there are plenty of other schools that are out there.

"That would be my advice: find a school with a reputation of professional training and have connections."


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