While he had a short career in WWE, Fred Rosser is a champion in and outside of the ring. The former Darren Young came out as gay while with the promotion, and has never stopped advocating to those within the community.

Michael Wiseman of Wrestling Inc. was able to speak to Rosser recently. While he isn’t as active in the ring anymore, he still fights the battles people go through every single day.

“I always say my fight is always bigger than in the ring, it is outside the ring fighting bigotry and hatred,” Rosser stated. “I’m trying to be the voice of the voiceless when it comes to our LGBT community. Someone’s got to be that superhero, and I’m going to be that superhero.”

The former WWE Tag Team Champion is one of the few stars in WWE to come out. WWE Hall of Famer Pat Paterson is another. Rosser believes there will be more opportunities for the LGBT community to come out in pro wrestling and the world.

“I’m not that the first one and I’m definitely not the last one,” Rosser continued. “I was the first openly gay WWE star to be under contract. The bottom line is that we need more representation, we need more athletes standing up for what is right. In crazy times like this we need to have each other’s back. I always say none of us are as strong as all of us.”

In the pro wrestling world, everything is looked at very closely. Rosser came out at a time where some didn’t know how to react. He knew that he could make a difference so those that are scared can be their true selves.

“I came out and I made a sacrifice. I sacrificed my career so others can live their authentic selves. Like I said, I’m going to be that superhero no matter what. I’m not going anywhere.”

Michael Wiseman contributed to this article.