Graphic Video: Indie Wrestler Suffers Cracked Skull And Hearing Loss After Botched 450 To Outside

Indie wrestler Shawn Phoenix is making mainstream media headlines this week after suffering multiple injuries after a botched 450 splash to a table on the floor ended badly back in October.

Phoenix was wrestling a tag team match with Dan Hooven against The Culmination at IWC's (International Wrestling Cartel) Unbreakable event back on October 6 in Pittsburgh when the incident happened. Video from the incident can be seen above.

The botched move resurfaced this week when Shane "Hurricane" Helms tweeted about it. Phoenix responded and noted that he broke his skull and was bleeding from the brain, but he was released from the hospital six days later.

Phoenix, who made his wrestling debut almost three years ago, has not returned to the ring yet. He noted on Twitter that he also suffered a permanent loss of hearing in his left ear during the match. He told one fan on social media that he didn't remember all of what happened. He wrote, "I am an adrenaline junkie, unfortunately, it didn't work out the way I wanted to. I only remember being on the top rope, then waking up on the floor. Imagine the worst headache you've ever had. Then imagine getting hit in the head with a baseball bat with said headache everytime someone spoke or I looked at the lights."

Phoenix provided the following exclusive comments to Wrestling Inc. on what happened: "I suffered a life changing injury on October 6th, I didn't know if I was going to live or die, but I survived..and the first night in the hospital my mind was thinking 'how can I turn this into a positive' I am OKAY. I am VERY lucky to be okay..but I hope this video is a wake-up call to other wrestlers..the risks are very, very real. If ONE wrestler uses this video to second guess the danger of a situation and we can prevent it, then this accident was worth it."

Several wrestling stars have tweeted about the botch on Twitter after the video went viral this week, including Finn Balor, Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks, Jim Cornette, Lance Storm and Shelly Martinez. You can see their tweets below:


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