One of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling is Glacier. The former WCW star has been wrestling for over 32 years, and has been the Glacier character for over 22 of them. He continues to stay consistent on the scene today.

Wrestling Inc.’s Michael Wiseman was able to speak to the former NWA World Tag Team Champion at WrestleCade this past weekend. While he’s been lucky to remain in shape for all these years, the job doesn’t come without any injuries. One of the worst setbacks he ever suffered was in a match against another former WCW star.

“When I was wrestling Bill Goldberg on Nitro there was a leg sweep and I actually blew my knee out,” Glacier revealed. “I kept going throughout the match until is was over. I’m just glad I’m good friends with Bill now.”

Glacier had a major appearance at All In this past September, accompanying Cody Rhodes to the ring for his match for the NWA Worlds Championship. He had nothing but nice things to say about Cody, who gave him the opportunity to go along with their family history.

“It is really hard for me to it into words. I’ve known Cody since he was a kid,” Glacier said. “Dusty was my childhood hero and then my mentor. When Cody called me and asked for me to be a part of All In, I really don’t have words to tell him or the world what it meant for me to be in his corner along with DDP, who is one of my great friends. If Dallas hadn’t had gone to bat for against Eric Bischoff, Glacier would have never been. Cody calls it the Nightmare Family, it really is. It was a huge honor, it was a huge thrill to see him in that moment, really have everything come full circle with the NWA Title. I’m pretty anxious to see where Cody goes from here because he shows no signs of stopping.”

In regards to appearing at a potential All In 2, Glacier kept it short and sweet.

“I will just say this: Don’t be surprised.”

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