In addition to being a WWE Hall of Famer and the King of Memphis Wrestling, Jerry Lawler is also an accomplished artist. He’s done everything from drawing wrestling cards for Topps to painting the cover of Headlocked, a pro wrestling comic book.

Lawler also created a portrait of the man who brought him to WWE over 25 years ago: Vince McMahon. However, the reaction of McMahon to the drawing was one that The King never expected to get.

“I did a portrait, a big nice portrait for Vince,” Lawler said on his podcast. “It was like a triple portrait – Vince was in the middle, on the left was Shane and on the right was Vince Sr.”

King says he then framed the portrait and took it to Monday Night Raw where he ran into Stephanie McMahon.

“I saw Stephanie and I unwrapped it and she saw it and went, ‘Oh my gosh! Vince is going to cry,’ stated Lawler.

“I went what?”

“‘I’m telling you, he’s going to cry when he sees that,’ Stephanie said to a surprised King. ‘Mark my words.'”

King then went up to Vince backstage where he unveiled the portrait.

“I opened the portrait up and he immediately looked at it and his hand covered his mouth,” said Lawler. “And he turned away immediately. He turned away and walked over into a corner. And he just stood there for a couple of minutes and he slowly came back and looked at the picture again.

“It brought tears to his eyes. I was shocked and then he hugged me and said how much he loved it. But that was like the one moment that I ever really saw from Vince that kind of emotion.

“And that portrait is still hanging in his office.”

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Source: Dinner With The King Podcast