Johnny Gargano On If DIY Is Back Together (Videos), Fans On Mustafa Ali's Impact, The Miz And Maryse

- Last night's WWE NXT episode saw NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa help former partner Johnny Gargano defeat Aleister Black in the Steel Cage main event. Above is video from the match and below is video of Sarah Schreiber talking to Gargano after the match, asking if this means DIY is back on the same page.

"The question everybody's mind should be - why am I such a good guy?," Gargano said. "See what I did in there? Not only did I win but out of the kindness of my heart I absolved Aleister Black of his sins. Man, what a good night. What a good night for Johnny Gargano."

Schreiber then asked Gargano if this was the plan between he and Ciampa all along. Gargano responded, "The plan, the plan, the plan is... Johnny Gargano just beat Aleister Black in a Cage Match. A Cage Match. I did that. I beat Aleister Black. I told you all along, I am the hero at the end of the story. Plain and simple. Johnny Wrestling."

- WWE has a new poll asking fans who made the biggest impact on this week's post-TLC edition of SmackDown. As of this writing, 73% went with Mustafa Ali for pinning WWE Champion Daniel Bryan while 11% voted for SAnitY putting the rest of the blue brand tag team division on notice, 10% for Asuka's first successful title defense as SmackDown Women's Champion over Naomi and 6% for The Miz getting one step closer to teaming with Shane McMahon.

- The 16th annual WWE Tribute to the Troops special will run for two hours on the USA Network tonight at 9pm ET. Below is a promo for the Miz & Mrs. season one marathon that kicks off at 11pm ET, featuring The Miz and Maryse.


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