Kenn Doane Reveals When He Was Booked To Win The WWE Intercontinental Championship

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Kenn Doane was a recent guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Doane discussed a number of topics, including being one of the youngest champions in WWE history, how the McMahons are backstage, and more.

Doane also revealed his initial plans after breaking from the Spirit Squad stable and being repackaged to Kenny Dykstra. Doane admitted that he did not like the Dykstra gimmick, and just wanted to be Kenn Doane. WWE initially did push Doane during his Dykstra gimmick, gaining a big win over Ric Flair. However, his push was short-lived, and he was relegated to midcard status, trading wins and loses.

WWE did, however, plan on crowning him Intercontinental Champion, and Doane revealed when this was supposed to happen.

"It was New Year's Revolution. I worked [Ric] Flair, so I ended up going over on him. And then, that same night, Hunter tore his quad again," said Doane. "And then the next night, I was supposed to work [Jeff] Hardy and go over for the Intercontinental Title, but I think I ended up working Hardy and then I didn't go over.

"We did something with Flair, but then I had to eventually split off because Flair had to go with Shawn [Michaels] to keep the DX gimmick for the time being. And then I end up moving to SmackDown at that point. Or maybe I was on Heat for a while? I don't know. I was probably on heat for a while because I remember working a lot of those."

Doane did move to Sunday Night Heat for several weeks, competing against names including Val Venis, Chuck Palumbo, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Cryme Tyme. He briefly returned to Raw, before moving to SmackDown and going on a losing streak for several months. Doane did manage to gain a victory over Nunzio on the December 18, 2007 taping of ECW, as well as win a mixed tag match on the last SmackDown of 2007, teaming with Victoria to defeat Chuck Palumbo and Michelle McCool.

Source: Pancakes and Powerslams