Kurt Angle did another fan Q&A on Facebook where he discussed who has the potential to carry WWE someday, Ronda Rousey's in-ring development, and what he thought was the best time period for wrestling fans.

Who has the potential to carry WWE down the road:

"You have guys right now that can do it. Some upcoming guys and girls? Finn [Balor]. [Bobby] Roode. [Chad] Gable. Ember Moon. Although I'm not crazy about him personally, [Baron] Corbin will be a huge factor."

Best year for wrestling fans:

"It all depends on the fan, but 1998-2001 was a really fun time. There was a lot more diversity in storylines, characters and wrestling. Hence, the Attitude Era."

Ronda Rousey's development in WWE:

"Ronda has become an amazing sports entertainer. She caught on so quickly. But, there will come a time where she will need to do some improvising during her matches. That only comes with experience. She has proven herself to be highly respected in the pro 'rasslin circle, but give her another year or so of experience so she feels 1,000 percent more comfortable. I understand where she is right now because I too was pushed into a spot that only the most experienced wrestlers get to, although I didn't have the experience. That's the main event. Ronda is special. She will only get better."

Favorite MMA fighters:

"I was always old school. [Tito] Ortiz, [Chuck] Liddell, [Randy] Couture, Anderson Silva, and Ronda Rousey, obviously. And [Conor] McGregor. I enjoy watching [Daniel] Cormier, [Jon] Jones, and [Brock] Lesnar. But McGregor is the complete package - including his entertainment factor."