MLW World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki spoke with The B Plus about his experience with WWE/NJPW and why it didn’t fit his work style, training today’s wrestlers, and Australian wrestler Jonah Rock. Here are some of the highlights:

Looking back at his days with WWE / NJPW and how those environments don’t fit his work style:

“Being a part of this industry you go through ups and downs. Being a part of environments like that, they’re illogical. Because no matter how good you are, there are other factors that play into decision making that had nothing to do with what you are doing. This is very discouraging for people like me who are only merit based. Everything that I’ve done is based on hard work and by earning respect. I’ve never had to undercut anybody, berate anybody or back stab anybody. I’ve done everything the old fashioned way which is simply hard work that doesn’t rely on anybody else. With eyes on you as an individual if you want to succeed you need to shut up and get yourself to work, it doesn’t mean out-hustle people.”

Training today’s wrestlers:

“This industry began off of ‘carnies’ and ‘hustlers.’ Some of them are still around taking advantage of people. I’m here to stop that because this is 2018, not 1980. The men and women who are getting into professional wrestling now aren’t stupid. If you speak to people intelligently and give them a chance to understand that information and apply it, you’d be surprised how well they do but you have to give them that chance. There’s a lot of arrogance and hierarchy coming from the older generation that is outdated because this generation and the one previously have learned differently then those before them. This means that the methods of instructing and methods of teaching are out of date.

“My goal is reestablishing that by explaining things to people from an intelligent standpoint you get more out the athletes then blind faith. Blind faith is what got people in trouble in the first place and I’m no longer vested in that because every person has the ability to think. If people have the ability to think, they have the ability to learn. If they have the ability to learn you have to give people the opportunity to show you what they’ve learnt. You do that you’ll be surprised how well these athletes do even though you may not necessarily give them credit in the first place.”

Australia’s Jonah Rock, who reportedly will start with WWE in January:

“Somebody at his size being that smooth in the ring is very deceptive and reminded me similarly of Samoa Joe. Joe is a guy of that height and size who was also very deceptive with his speed and technique. Jonah isn’t quite at the same caliber as Joe yet but give him a couple more years and he’ll have it. He shows way too many signs of somebody who can be a huge threat moving forward.”

Low Ki also discussed working in Australia. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.