Madison Rayne had an incredible year for 2018, from her run in Impact Wrestling, competing in the WWE Mae Young Classic tournament and her current stint with Ring of Honor. Madison Rayne competed at ROH Final Battle against Sumie Sakai, Karen Q, and Kelly Klein for the WOH Championship in a losing effort, as Kelly Klein would go on to win the championship. Madison sat down with Sporting News to talk about her Ring of Honor, leaving Impact Wrestling and almost retiring from wrestling. Here are the highlights:

Her commitment to Ring of Honor:

"My short-term, personal goal after winning the Women of Honor Championship is to be part of that history-making show at Madison Square Garden (in April). I joke and say that it's only natural that Madison Rayne would be at Madison Square Garden, but on more serious note, Ring of Honor is making history in doing this show. I still don't know that I've completely wrapped my brain around how big that's going to be for wrestling, for Ring of Honor, and for Women of Honor."

Being "really close" to retiring from wrestling:

"I would have been OK with it because, for me, I feel like I had a really successful career at Impact. I feel like I was able to contribute to a division that has been strong for many years and continues to be. I've seen places in this world that I didn't know existed prior to going there. I came close enough that there was a serious sit-down conversation between my husband (Impact Wrestling broadcast Josh Mathews) and I in our house. I never got to a point in my brain where I said to myself, 'I'm done.' I had strong enough thoughts that it was at least a conversation. For me, that's close enough."

Leaving Impact Wrestling after nine years and wrestling in other promotions:

"It was uncomfortable in a good way. I had the tryout at the WWE Performance Center and that felt way different than anything I had ever done at Impact. I got back out on the indie scene a bit more. I was with Ring of Honor. I went back to Shimmer and all of those places felt good, but it was just different. It's like the difference in being a freshman in high school to a senior."

Madison Rayne also discusses the one-year deal she signed with ROH, and more about her run in 2018. You can read the full interview here.